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October 14th, 2009
UPD says assailant search 'inconclusive'


Texas State University Police (UPD) say their investigation into a Monday morning sexual assault at the Pleasant Street Garage is inconclusive after the victim indicated she wants nothing more to do with the investigation.

“The victim has indicated that she no longer wishes any involvement with this situation,” UPD said in a statement Wednesday afternoon. “She has not provided any new information to add to the original report. The police department’s investigation into this case is inconclusive. Increased patrol of the parking garages will continue and any suspicious persons should still be reported to the police department at 245-2805.”

The female student reported that she was forced into a car at knife point in the Pleasant Street Garage some time between 10:40 a.m. and 11 a.m. Monday.

The victim said the vehicle was a small four-door sedan of unknown color. The assailant was described as a big, tall male, unknown race, wearing a beanie over his hair, a windbreaker and surgical gloves.

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0 thoughts on “UPD says assailant search 'inconclusive'

  1. Do you see a man that you think is too tall? He’s suspicious, call him in. See a woman with a purse you think is too big? Suspicious… call it in. See a man with brown skin… definitely suspicious, call police and turn him in. See a woman in a head scarf… call homeland security or local swat team, obviously she is a suicide bomber. Welcome to the nanny state ladies and gentlemen, when you trade in all of your liberties to the State you shouldn’t be surprised when sooner or later there are jack boots stepping on your face or a badge ordering your roadside humiliation for a simple license plate violation. Don’t look at an officer cross or he’ll claim you’ve broken any one of the arbitrary laws he can choose from… disorderly conduct is a favorite of theirs. There is a reason police are earning more and more disrespect from the community and their names are used in place of foul language. The United State Police Officer… the most successful gang member in existence.

  2. Those who report anybody they see with surgical gloves and a beanie are not advancing the nanny state, rather, they are assisting the investigation of a sexual assault. If an innocent just happens to be wearing a beanie and surgical gloves, those facts alone will not allow an arrest or a search. If the police invade the innocent’s rights, then he has protections under law. Liberty has its bounds; I am not at liberty to sexually assault, murder, etc. We balance this interference with free will by enforcing a Constitution of protections against eggregious enforcement.

  3. Careful John, your naiveté is showing, cover up. There is an unacceptable gap growing between what is supposed to be and what really is that few exist who are unable to recognize this though many will ignore it until directly affecting their lives. It is the difference between Theory and Application.

  4. I am more than a little disturbed by this story. I am not sure what the TSUPD statement “She has not provided any new information to add to the original report.” means. Does this mean that I am a crime victim on the campus and can not provide the UPD with enough information to make an arrest, they are going to blow the whole thing off? Does this mean the victim is not cooperating with the police (not unusual for rape victims) so they are going to blow the whole thing off? Does this mean they don’t believe a crime was committed. If that is they case, I think the community deserves to know that the police do not believe their is a rapist running lose.

    Newstreamz, I believe this cries out for a follow up story.

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