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October 12th, 2009
Inn Above Onion Creek wins national plaudit

The Inn Above Onion Creek.


KYLE — The Inn Above Onion Creek was selected as one of the Top 10 overall winners in the annual Best of Awards for 2009-2010.

The Best of Awards are based upon a qualitative and quantitative review of the nearly 50,000 independent reviews submitted to, the leading online B&B directory and reservation network worldwide.

“We’re delighted that inngoers concur that Inn Above Onion Creek is deserving of its accolades from travelers,” said Sandy Soule of “Clearly, the Inn Above Onion Creek earned its stellar reviews from inngoers for its quality accommodations, breakfasts, amenities, and wonderful hospitality and service.”

Said Amy Dolan, The Inn Above Onion Creek’s innkeeper, “It’s a true honor to be chosen for a Best of award, and we thank our guests for the positive reviews that resulted in this award. It is gratifying that our guests took the time to share their comments about our hospitality, accommodations, breakfasts and attention to the details which set Inn Above Onion Creek apart.”

The Inn Above Onion Creek is a high-end twelve room bed and breakfast and day spa located on 88 acres in Kyle. The Inn provides accommodations for couples, events, and business outings. Nestled among butterfly gardens and rolling hills, guests can enjoy seasonal gourmet menus in a rustic setting. Private cottages allow for intimate retreats and unique getaways, while its proximity to wineries and historic towns make it popular for those wanting to explore the Hill Country. A popular location for weddings and celebrations, the Inn has been featured in bridal publications and attracted brides from all over the nation, including Hollywood actors.

“If you need a getaway, this is your place,” According to one review. “Hiking trails, spa, rocking chairs, quiet (real, country quiet), great food, good people. I left feeling so relaxed and didn’t want to drive off!!”

For a complete list of all winners, including regional and international Best of Award winners, please visit and click Winners 2009-2010.

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6 thoughts on “Inn Above Onion Creek wins national plaudit

  1. The Dallas Morning news said it best, “Heaven is somewhere above Onion Creek”. Come on out and see what the Simply Charming area of Kyle, Texas has to offer.

  2. I was looking for an excuse to burn a couple vacation days before the year ends. Looking forward to checking this out.

    One of the things I love about living in San Marcos, is all of the other great Hill Country towns around us.

  3. It looks like a nice place. Depending on the cost, the Mrs. and I might check it out (though it seems silly to pay for a night somewhere so close to home).

    That being said….”plaudit”? Who uses these words anymore?

  4. It may seem silly, but there is something about staying somewhere else. No chores. No phone calls. No drunks crashing into trees in the front yard. You can hit the local shops without bringing a list of crap that needs to be fixed, or cleaned, or re-stocked and without worrying about what time you need to get back, so you can take care of all that stuff you need to do before work on Monday.

    The beauty of going someplace close is that there are no travel hassles, either. No long drives. No waiting in line at airport security. Just throw a bag in the trunk and 30 minutes later, you’ve got your head back and your feet up.

    Plus, it’s nice to put all that “important” stuff on hold and remind yourself why the Texas Hill Country is such a great place to live.

    Interestingly, exactly one year ago, there was a moderately funny blog post (which I just found today), entitled “Obscure Words to Impress Your Friends: Plaudit,” which also recommended the use of the term “laurels.”

  5. I recently used the term “scores,” as in “there are scores of referring sites listed,” to which an employee replied:

    “Nice use of the word ‘scores’, by the way. Really takes me back… to the 1700s…”

  6. I have stayed at the Inn above Onion Creek and I highly recommend it. The staff was wonderful, the food was great, and the atmosphere was beautiful!

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