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October 2nd, 2009
CONA debate on archive

To view the debate, click here


Newstreamz, in association with SMTX.TV, has archived its live, high-definition stream of Thursday night’s forum of San Marcos City Council candidates sponsored by the Council of Neighborhood Associations (CONA).

The debate took place at the San Marcos Activity Center. Two council seats are up for election.

In Place 5, the candidates are educator Lisa Marie Coppoletta, local aviation business owner Shaune Maycock and homebuilder Ryan Thomason. The incumbent, Pam Couch, is not running for re-election.

In Place 6, incumbent John Thomaides faces challenges from beauty consultant Monica Garcia and retired civil servant Anita Fuller.

SMTX.TV, soon to launch as a web-based micro-television station with local content, streamed the debate using Kulabyte technology developed in San Marcos.

To view the debate, click here .

Newstreamz and SMTX.TV also will stream the League of Women Voters candidate debate from the Activity Center on Oct. 19.

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  1. We have also posted the CONA debate at:

    in order to make it a bit easier to navigate to for the time being. This is our current program loop, and will host the latest events and performances that we have the privilege to cover. Thanks!

    We will also stream live the League of Women Voters debate on October 19th, and post it for later archived viewing as well. Please check it out!

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