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September 24th, 2009
Big check means big help for Hays County Food Bank

Left to right: H-E-B Food Program Representative Eddie Garcia, H-E-B Store Director Ted Gomez, Hays County Food Bank Executive Director Jerry Gracy, Hays County Food Bank Community Relations Coordinator Pat Tessaro, H-E-B Public Affairs Manager Danny Flores, and H-E-B Unit Director Bruce Schneider.


The 2009 H-E-B Help End Hunger campaign raised $5,000 this year for the Hays County Food Bank, thanks to the donations of H-E-B shoppers.

The familiar tear-off coupons for $1,$3 and $5 at the check-out stand let customers choose a donation to add to their grocery bills. The campaign ran from May 12 to June 28 and those little tear off coupons can really add up to big help.

The result, this year, with a some help from an H-E-B round-up donation, was a record-breaking $327,500, which benefits 18 food banks in Texas. The program supports 26 food banks throughout Texas and Mexico, which serve a total of more than 5,000 organizations.

The formal check presentation was held at the H-E-B, 641 East Hopkins Street, on Sept 15. The big red check was handed over to Hays County Food Bank Directors Jerry Gracy and Pat Tessaro by H-E-B representatives.

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