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September 23rd, 2009
Cell phone use to be banned in school zones across city, county


The city of San Marcos and the Texas Department of Transportation will install signs Monday banning the use of cell phones in school crossing zones in San Marcos. Hays County and the cities of Kyle and Buda have  also adopted the ban.

A new state law enacted by the Texas Legislature earlier this year prohibits the use of wireless communications devices such as cell phones while operating motor vehicles in school zones. The law took effect Sept. 1.

The law requires cities to post a sign at the entrance to each school zone for the law to be enforced. Fines for violations are up to $200. The law provides exceptions if hands-free devices are used or a vehicle is stopped.

The San Marcos City Council discussed the cell phone ban at its Sept. 1 meeting and gave direction for the Public Services Department to make and install the signs.

The signs will be installed at 14 San Marcos campuses, private schools and the Blanco Vista campus in the Hays CISD, located in the San Marcos city limits.

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One thought on “Cell phone use to be banned in school zones across city, county

  1. Would like to know if this law is only during the posted school zone times or 24/7. I think we need more training for our local police officers. My husband recently received a ticket because of expired registration, but guess what? It’s not, the officer thought that 12/09 was expired and we look forward to the court date on this ticket. We need to be very specific when it will be prohibited and train the local officers to know the EXACT law.

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