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September 10th, 2009
Business owner charged in arson case

Todd Alan Cox.


The owner of a San Marcos transmission store has been charged with arson in the destruction by fire of his own business.

San Marcos fire investigators have arrested and charged the Todd Alan Cox, 41, of Corpus Christi, and charged him with arson, engaging in organized crime, insurance fraud and hindering prosecution.

Cox was arrested at the end of a 13-month investigation concerning the fire at the AAMCO Transmission store, which was located at 1206 SH 123 in San Marcos.

Cox, who owned the AAMCO store, is being held at the Hays County Law Enforcement Center on $285,000 bond.

San Marcos Fire Rescue responded to a structure fire on July 25, 2008, at the site. San Marcos Police Officer Joyce Bender was on patrol when she saw suspicious activity at the business and made the call.

Bender saw the fire erupt and arrested three men running from the scene, including one who was on fire.

Michael Rodriguez, now 19, Adam Rodriguez, now 30, and Jeremy Garcia, now 20, were all taken into custody at the scene and charged with arson. Garcia was the man who was on fire.

Further investigation into the cause of the fire led to the arrest of Rodolfo Deluna, now 39, and San Marcos store manager Alan Gilley, now 30. Gilley remains out on bond pending trial.

Deluna, Michael Rodriguez and Adam Rodriguez were convicted of arson, engaging in organized crime, and burglary. They are serving eight-year sentences. Garcia was sentenced to 63 years in prison for his role in the crime.

Multiple agencies assisted in the 13-month investigation, including the Hays County Fire Marshals Office, San Marcos Police Department, San Antonio Arson Bureau, ATF, Texas Department of Insurance – Fraud Unit, and New Braunfels Fire Investigation.

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9 thoughts on “Business owner charged in arson case

  1. Can anyone tell me what the ATF(Alchohol, Tobacco, and Firearms) was doing in this investigation? I get the various other agencies – Hays County FIRE Marshals Office, San Marcos POLICE Department, San Antonio ARSON Bureau, Texas Department of INSURANCE – FRAUD Unit, and New Braunfels FIRE Investigation, but what did the Bureau of ALCHOHOL, TOBACCO, and FIREARMS have to do with anything?

  2. It is possible they consulted with the other departments. The “Firearms” part of ATF also includes explosives, among other things. It is possible the accelerant(s) used to start the fire required their expertise and/or involvement.

  3. Good point, Jacob. I get uncomfortable with all there multi-jurisdiction task forces. The local guys shouldn’t be acting like an arm of the ATF.

  4. Nope
    It’s the other way around
    ATF was acting as an arm of the locals.
    Got questions about Molotovs or infernal devices?
    They are glad to give hometown cops the benefit of their experience.

  5. I don’t think anyone is trying to become an arm of the ATF. These task forces allow for agencies to share information and resources to enhance capabilities of investigating crimes and keeping us safe.

    Now, having seen the current federal administration in action for 8 months now, I’m with you on that uncomfortable feeling with what the government might do to its own citizens, but the locals are still in it for the right reasons.

  6. In this case I would be more concerned that a business man advertizing honest transmission work has been charged with these crimes. What other illegal/dishonest things has he done and who else has helped him. What about the insurance agent, was he/she investigated. This is not a small town crime it is just in a small town so of course the Feds would be involved!

  7. feds are involved because its insurance fraud, also why his freakin bail is so high. i happen to know Todd and know him to be a hard working honest guy. It seems a shame that already his reputation may be hurt to a point he wont recover. Connie, i would still take my car to Todd any day of the week and you should not worry about getting honest transmission work. always two sides to the story.

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