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September 9th, 2009
Texas State announces promising cancer compound


Researchers at Texas State’s Departments of Agriculture and Family and Consumer Sciences say they have reached promising results through initial testing of a cancer chemotherapeutic and anti-retroviral compound.

The unique electrochemical and structural composition of a silicon-based compound called ALKA-V6 indicates that it may provide an alternative basis for control of cancer cell growth and virus survival.

However, the implication is based solely on in-vitro results, Researchers said end-point in-vivo evaluations are imperative.

Orizon Research developed ALKA-6 with proprietary modifications.

Family and consumer sciences Professor Dhiraj Vattem, along with agriculture Professor Reed Richardson, supervised the research in cooperation with Orizon Research and announced the results Wednesday.

The evaluations were determined through in-vitro systems. No studies have yet been done with humans or animals.

The second phase of research will consist of end-point evaluations in in-vivo systems. Results from second-phase testing are expected within the next 12 months.

The anticancer studies so far revealed that ALKA-V6 prevented attachment of cancer cells, reduced harmful mutations in the DNA, induced apoptosis (programmed cell death), and stimulated important antioxidant enzymes.

The anti-retroviral studies so far revealed ALKA-V6 increased nitric oxide dependent anti-viral effects, inhibited enzymes important in viral assembly, metabolism, and replication, caused changes in the surface carbohydrate composition and metabolism, and inhibited the activity of the enzyme responsible for reverse transcription.

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0 thoughts on “Texas State announces promising cancer compound

  1. I think it is about time that there is a non-governmental group, non-corporate group that comes up with a cure that I think is manmade from the get go. Look at the back of a chemical bar,I mean candy bar. If you cant pronounce it, do eat it. Rule of tounge.

    There are a lot of hidden cures out there. The issue is bathing in fluoridated water(rat poison) and then wondering why you feel icky.

    On a recent trip to an unpoluuted part of the world, I was rid of everything from arthritis to dandruff. Nothing life threatening, but significant changes led me to realize a life without chemicals is the way to go. The water was naturally 8.1 pH and my body turned all pink and new again… no further details will be offered.

    Point is, we eat fast food, processed food and never eat for health, just taste and convenience… not a great way to live. Every commercial is about drugs… take them to sleep, wake up and to get it up. Nothing is natural, and we wonder why we are ill.

    I have had a glimpse to an answer… I like it. I will relive it.

    Great kudos to anyone that can come up with a cure to something that is manmade to begin with.

  2. urethral adenocarcinoma, radical cystectomy performed, 6 cycles gemzar, last treatment July 2009, for hopes of prevention, would like to be participant in future studies, is it possible.

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