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August 30th, 2009
Run with Moe: Cooler weather, more races to come

Run with Moe: A column
San Marcos Runners Club

The weather reports mention that we are at number three in terms of the number of days over 100 degrees. This really makes it hard to be consistent with a daily run if you miss an early morning or late evening start.

I still see runners out in the mid-afternoon and they seem to be doing okay.  Usually the run is a little shorter and often a bit slower to accommodate the heat, but if you have been running on a regular basis, it just becomes something you adapt to.

If you have been regular in your training, it will pay off in the next couple of  months, when San Marcos and some of the nearby cities will be hosting a number of races.  This does not include the races that are in Austin or San Antonio, but right here locally and nearby.

Keep putting in your miles for the Country Roads 10K out at Country Roads subdivision on Sept. 12. The race features a great country atmosphere and many of the runners show up and enter just for the prizes that are awarded after the race.  If you feel you need to cool off after the race, there is a nice swimming pool to jump into to help you get back to feeling better.

On Sept. 17, the Red Ribbon 5K will be held out at River Ridge, and that is always a great race for the family and especially the children. It is very enjoyable to watch the very young kids run the 1K distance, with every runner getting a medal and ribbon around their necks. I do not have details, but there is another run down at City Park at the same time, put on by a group of students from Texas State. More information on that will be forthcoming.

In October, the temperatures will hopefully start cooling off, and that is a good thing, as the races really pile up in this month.

On Oct. 3, you have a chance to run in two 5K races on the same day. In the morning, you can enter the From Here To Eternity 5K meeting at the Lamar school, running through the cemetery and back again. It is a tough uphill start, but a great downhill at the second half of the run on the return for a fast finish for your friends to see.

Then, if you want to try another 5K that evening, you can drive a short distance to Seguin and enter the Seguin 5K Moonlight Run that starts at 8 p.m. at Starke Park.  The race organizers set the date for a full moon, so that should be a very scenic run along the river under the moonlight.

The next week, on Oct. 10, the annual Pet Fest 5K will be held down at City Park, where you can be paced through the distance with your pet dog. The run is not limited to pet dogs but I know how hard it is to train a cat, or any other pet, to run a 5K. Maybe letting a parrot sit on your shoulder might be an idea. If you choose not to run the Pet Fest here in San Marcos, you can drive a short distance to Fentress for the Fall Fiesta 5K River Run. Both races are along the rivers, so it should be scenic running for both races.

Moving up another week to Oct. 17, the choice comes down to Ronald Run 5K out at River Ridge and the Pi’s and Pups Pet Fun Run at City Park. It seems like San Marcos is becoming a very popular city to host running events, and some of them are bumping into one another, but there are enough runners in the area to make all of them successful.

Then, do not forget the Country Roads Half Marathon and Family Fitness 5K on Oct. 25 out at Tanger Outlet Center.

All in all, runners in San Marcos will have plenty of choices for races in the next few months, so keep up the training in August to take advantage of the races in cooler weather in the next months to come.

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