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August 27th, 2009
San Marcos police arrest two in murder


San Marcos police have charged two men with murder in the death of Byron Burse who was shot early Wednesday morning.

Zackhary Allen James, age 20, of Luling was arrested Wednesday evening at the San Marcos Police Department. Quenten Rashad Taylor, age 21, of San Marcos was arrested at a San Marcos area apartment Wednesday evening.

Both have been charged with murder, a first degree felony. They are being held at the Hays Law Enforcement Center under $750,000 bond for James and $500,000 bond for Taylor.

Police say James confessed to shooting Burse numerous times in his Linda Lane apartment near midnight on Tuesday after Taylor kicked the apartment door down. The shooting stemmed from an altercation between James and the victim which occurred earlier in the evening at the apartment complex.

The investigation is ongoing and more arrests are anticipated.

“We are relieved to have these suspects in custody,” said San Marcos Police Commander Terry Nichols. Police ask  anyone with information on this crime to call the San Marcos Police Department Criminal Investigation Division at (512) 753-2300 or (512) 753-2108.

Police responded to the Kelsea’s Place Apartments at 518 Linda Drive just after midnight Wednesday after callers reported hearing gunshots in the complex.

Police found Burse, 30, in his apartment suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. He was transported to Central Texas Medical Center by San Marcos/ Hays County EMS where he was later pronounced dead. The victim’s wife was in the apartment at the time of the shooting and was not harmed.

This is the first homicide in San Marcos since January 2008, Nichols said.


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9 thoughts on “San Marcos police arrest two in murder

  1. Byron was a good hearted man trying to make an honest living and my time with him will always be remembered. He was appreciative and took nothing for granted. He will have a place in my heart and I am positive he is in a better place now.

  2. I looked for Byron in church today when I saw his wife and the boys. I had no idea. He ALWAYS spoke to me when he came into church. He was getting involved…and for whatever reason, it had been a while since I last saw him… My heart is saddened by the news, but I pray that he rests peacefully now. God bless the family.

  3. Its pretty damn sad that when 2 black men are charged with murder they publicize their photos everywhere…news,web etc, but when some Texas State white boys just a few weeks ago kill 2 luling teens they hide their identity whats up with todays economy. Put 2 and 2 together were not dummies…play fair.

  4. angie I think you are missing part of the story here. 2 men were charged with murder when they gunned down another man for no reason other than one of them got offended. 1 man protected his life and that of his roommates when 4 armed criminals entered his home in the middle of the night attempting to rob them. They were killed while robbing a man in his own home. He has not be charged with a crime….why should his photo and name be released by the police? And I don’t think he was a TX State student either…..

  5. Naw apparently yall must not know wat it waz tha home owner waz protecting,it sure waznt no family or dey valuables!yea they waz protecting hiz drugs…tha lil yall folks happen ta know!soo many people knew of dat residence a.k.a a trap house,so wat does dat tell u(yall)so he’s not an innocent home owner!he’z a murderer…if i were him i sure would of came out on live t.v. giveing an interview!but not a word,pic or name waz wat does dat tell u?dem boyz walked in wit pellet gunz,n a hm full of loaded gunz!why not call 911 n let tha police do there job?wat or why did it take 30-45 mins. to call 911 after dey so called broke in,n were shot n murdered?I do feel sad,for dis young man ‘s life that waz take’n so early and left a wife,2 kids,friendz n family!my heart n preyer’s go out to them!but atleast hiz killer’s name n picture were put out,n know justice will be served!but what bout our 2 luling boyz?all dey got were rip’s!

  6. Angie, you obviously are very passionate about this issue and have some strong opinions that you want to convey, but I have no idea what you just said.

    I’m very sorry.

  7. Angie – Robbery is robbery and home invasion is home invasion, no matter what was in the house. Any person has the right to defend themselves and their home – no matter what else is in the house.

    Just because some of these kids were carrying pellet guns does not make them innocent or excuse their actions…it only makes them ignorant…they knew there were weapons in the house, and went in anyway.

    How is a homeowner defending themselves supposed to know which weapons pointed at them are real and which are not? I’m sorry these kids lost their lives but I’m not sorry that this future crime wave was nipped in the bud. Imagine how many more crimes these kids would commit as they grew older and bolder. Live and learn…or don’t.

    It doesn’t matter what the residents were up to…anybody doing home invasions, for whatever reasons, should expect to eventually end up like these kids.

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