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August 27th, 2009
Organics swing under nuclear sun

The Organics are, left to right, Robin Friend, Max Muckleroy, Brian Carlisle, and Josh Schaeffer.

Scene Reporter

Not many bands in San Marcos that fit the mold of the more boisterous ska or swing sound, but The Organics definitely do. Their songs bring to mind many ’90s bands like 311 or Sublime that took the genre so far.

Robin Friend is the lead vocalist and guitarist, writing most of the song lyrics. Josh Schaefer plays the bass, Brian Carlisle is the drummer, Max Muckleroy plays the trumpet, and Robert Paul McCartney is on backup guitar.

The Organics have performed together for a little more than a year. Their first show was at the Triple Crown on July 4, 2008. They performed there again this past July 4, debuting their newest member, Robert Paul McCartney.

“Up on the San Marcos River in Martindale, my grandma has about seven acres, and some rental properties,” Carlisle said. “Robin and his family were renting from us when I first met him. That was back when I was about 13 years old.”

Said Friend, “Then, I moved to Lockhart and met Josh. He was this nerdy little guy in glasses. I met Max pretty much around the same time, around sophomore year in high school. Josh didn’t play the bass at all. I taught him the guitar at first. Once I knew that he knew the guitar a little bit, I said he should play bass.”

Though decidedly not one of the strangest band names out there, The Organics, nevertheless, is a unique name.

“There’s this game where the Organics are the human life forms, and the Synthetics are the synthetically created life forms, like cyborgs,” Friend explained. “I thought it was cool that we’d be the Organics, since we’re not synthetic in nature. Plus, it’s simple.”

Most of their sets are original pieces, but The Organics have been known to throw in a cover or two on occasion.

“Robin definitely does about 95 percent of the writing,” Carlisle said. “We get in lyrically. A lot of our stuff is done just at the moment. We do a lot of just hanging around playing freestyle. We’ll really get into a groove and we’ll just turn that into a song. We usually write lyrics after the song is written.”

Said Friend, “A lot of times we’ll write a song, but it takes us a couple months to learn how to play it because we write it a little over our abilities, and then grow into it.”

There is a signature song, Under A Nuclear Sun, that The Organics close their shows with usually, that is also the last track on their CD, “The Organics vs. The Synthetics.”

Said Carlisle, “Nuclear Sun is a winner every time. We usually play it last, and it’s got to be our fans’ favorite. We like it just because we get so much energy back from it. Everybody has got their own favorite song, but Nuclear Sun is at least number two on everyone’s list.”

The Organics will play at Triple Crown again on Sept. 25, and can be found online at

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0 thoughts on “Organics swing under nuclear sun

  1. I attend shows frequently in the San Marcos and Austin area.Everytime I see The Organics they blow my mind from its socket.Theyre music and stage presence is unrivaled to almost any.Ive become and Organic fanatic , its a must that I attend anytime they play.

    Besides theyre astounding live shows , the cd theyve put together is stellar in many senses.
    It is appeassing to the ear right when you press play , but once you have the time to pick apart the lyrics and delve deeper into what theyre trying to convey.You cant help but relate to the cause , and just get plain stumblefunky.

    Case Houser

  2. The organics can simply be summed up in one word, amazing. The best band in san marcos, no questions asked. oh and i believe the show is on sept. 26th not the 25th…

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