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August 26th, 2009
Corridor Sports Connection: 08/26/09

BILL CULHANE and BRANT FREEMAN take a deeper look at the 2009 Texas State University football team. Features interviews with defensive coordinator Fred Bleil and linebackers coach Terrol Dillon.

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7 thoughts on “Corridor Sports Connection: 08/26/09

  1. Thanks for the feedback Money. Stay tuned as we move to the other side of the line of scrimmage in the next show. We look at the Texas State Bobcat offense. The following show will be a preliminary rundown of the districts in the corridor: 17-4A, 27-4A, 25-5A, and 26-5A. This is a show for our listeners…let us know the sports topics in the corridor that matter to you. Bill.

  2. Very good questions you guys had in the coach interviews!!! I was particularly impressed with coach Bleil’s candor and humility. With all his knowledge and experience, he’s a fantastic asset we’re lucky to have on our side. I’m really enjoying your show now.

  3. Hey Tux. Glad you’re enjoying the show…please help us spread the word. You’re right about Coach B. Great guy with a lot of drive – one of Coach Wright’s best “recruits” last year. Not sure which is your favorite flavor of football, but stay tuned for our look at the Bobcat offense in the next show. Bill.

  4. Greetings jh. Glad you’re enjoying the shows. The Corridor Sports Connection belongs to you = you can help by spreading the word and letting us know about content that matters to you. If we’re talking about “apples”, let us know if you’d rather hear more about “oranges”. Brant and I will for sure be covering the Bobcats, kind of a tie there!, but we will also give coverage to the HS’s in the corridor. On that note, Brant and I give another look at the Bobcat O that should be up by now and HS’s in the following show.

  5. I know that this is an old publication but I cannot get audio to load. My uncle Fred Bleil passed away yesterday and we are trying to track down articles or audios of him. If you have anyway to get this to me can you please contact me. I would love to hear this interview with Fred! Thank you

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