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August 19th, 2009
August proclaimed "Stuff the Backpacks" month

Front row, left to right: San Marcos Mayor Sudan Narvaiz, Chris Delmark, Casey Freshour and Moira Gallagher of Carino’s Italian Restaurant, and Principals Dolores Cruz of DeZavala Elementary, Niki Konecki of Travis Elementary, and Rick LaBuhn of Crockett Elementary. Back row, left to right-back: City Councilmembers Fred Terry, Kim Porterfield, Gaylord Bose, and John Thomaides.

Carino’s Italian Restaurant is sponsoring a campaign to supply back-to-school items for various schools throughout Texas. The “Stuff the Backpack” program will benefit DeZavala, Crockett and Travis Elementary Schools in San Marcos.

The donations suggested are 8 oz. white glue, supply or pencil boxes, #2 pencils, crayons, 12-inch rulers, wirebound notebooks, blue or black ball point pens, notebook binders, folders with pockets and backpacks.

Carino’s is offering a free kids meal along with a “teacher’s treat” free dessert coupon to patrons who bring in supplies. The public can bring in supplies until Aug 30.

In support of this program, Mayor Susan Narvaiz issued a proclamation for August to be “Stuff the Backpack Month” in San Marcos.

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0 thoughts on “August proclaimed "Stuff the Backpacks" month

  1. I am all for supporting public school, but I thought the basic supplies like paper & pen where the student’s (parent) responsibility. I thought there was a budget for central supply where things like construction paper, klenex, zip locks and such were to come from. What does come from ‘central classroom supply’?

  2. Unfortunately, with a per capita income of $16,000 per year (minimum wage plus 50 cents), we have a lot of poor people in San Marcos, who may not be able to afford school supplies.

    In fact, 63% of our students are economically disadvantaged, which is not surprising in a city where people live below the poverty level at twice the rate of the rest of the state.

    I checked the Staples website and was able to find all of the items listed, for about $50. For some of us, that’s no big deal. For many, it is a day’s pay from a household budget that is probably stretched to the limit already.

    So, you should be shocked that there is a need for donations like this, but don’t put the blame on the parents. They are the product of our local economy and probably the same school system that is currently under-serving their children as well (despite you and I paying so much in taxes, that we are deemed a “property wealthy” school district).

    Pretty sad.

    Those of us who are more fortunate, ought to pony up $50 for supplies and demand better schools and better jobs for San Marcos.

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