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August 17th, 2009
Kyle breaks ground on public works building

Left to right: Harper Wilder, City of Kyle Public works superintendent; Don Bulloch, Project Executive with SpawGlass; Brain Kent. Project Manager with SpawGlass; architect Alfred Brice with Marmon Mok Architecture; Kyle Mayor Mike Gonzalez; Kyle Councilmember David Wilson; Kyle Councilmember Lucy Johnson; Kyle City Manager Tom Mattis; and Kyle Assistant City Manager James Earp. City of Kyle photo.


KYLE — City officials broke ground on a $2.6 million public works building for the City of Kyle on Aug. 14.

The 14,000-square-foot facility will be home to the city’s public works department administration while housing and facilitating the maintenance of the city’s public works fleet.

“This building is an important piece of Kyle’s mission to provide enhanced services to the citizens of Kyle,” said Kyle City Manager Tom Mattis. “As the city has grown exponentially over the past decade, we’ve made a commitment to keep pace with our city services. Many of the functions of our public works department occur out of the notice of most residents, but the result of these functions has a very positive effect on the quality of life for our residents.”

The public works department is charged with maintaining Kyle’s streets, water systems, wastewater systems, and drainage systems as well as a number of other responsibilities.

The new facility, located at 520 East FM 150 and on the site of a former wastewater treatment plant, also incorporates many environmentally friendly enhancements, including rainwater harvesting, a recycling drop off center, indirect solar lighting, native landscaping, and also utilizes best management practices in construction and materials to minimize the carbon footprint.

“Some say that the public works department is one of the least visible,” said Kyle mayor Mike Gonzalez. “Nothing could be further from the truth. Every time we drive down a safe road, turn on our water faucet, or watch rain water drain safely through the city’s infrastructure, we see the commitment of our public works department.”

The design/build team for the project is SpawGlass Construction and Marmon Mok Architecture.

The new public works building is part of a comprehensive building program as the city attempts to meet a growing demand for services.

Completed building projects include a new city hall, fire station, and swimming pool. Future projects are proposed to be a new recreation center, library, and police station. The future projects are still pending council and voter approval.

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  1. $186 per square foot at 14,000 square feet, for those of you keeping score. Lila, I’m betting that the original budget failed to include equipment and furnishings, though this is still 73% over the original budget. Either they did a heap of changes, or whoever did the cost estimate blew it big time.

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