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July 22nd, 2009
PEC adopts Robert's Rules, alters committees


The Pedernales Electric Cooperative (PEC) Board of Directors voted to adopt Roberts Rules of Order during its meeting in Johnson City on July 20. Specifically, the board will abide by the rules regarding “Procedures in Small Boards,” from Robert’s tenth edition.

“We deemed Robert’s Rules of Order the best and most widely used procedures for conducting board meetings,” explained District 7 Director Patrick Cox, who sponsored the resolutions with District 6 Director and Board President Larry Landaker. “The ‘Procedure in Small Boards’ more closely defines the type of business we will be addressing.”

The board voted to streamline its committee structure as well, dissolving all prior committees except its audit committee. New special policy committees, to be formed and approved at PEC’s next board meeting, are: Governance, Bylaws and Legal (chaired by Cox), Energy Conservation and Renewable Generation Programs (chaired by District 2 Director James Williams) and Financial Strategies, Contracts and Budgets (chaired by District 1 Director Christi Clement).

Guidelines for the committees were also adopted, including requirements for charters, meeting minutes and limitations on the number of meetings in a year. Committee chairs were also given the authority to appoint PEC members and other individuals to serve as volunteer advisors.

PEC’s board passed a resolution that recognized the effects of the recent Central Texas heat wave, and voted unanimously to waive any $100 reconnect fees assessed to members from June-September 2009.

“This reflects the tremendous effect the very hot summer has had on our members as well as the bad economy we’re in,” said PEC General Manager Juan Garza.

The board also heard a report that more than $566,000 had been legally deemed Texland funds, which will be disbursed after a meeting between Texland’s owners. They also approved major infrastructure projects in Kyle and Cedar Park and decided that ideas from a long-term strategic planning session would be presented at PEC’s Aug. 17 board meeting, which will be held at PEC’s E. Babe Smith’s Headquarters Building in Johnson City.

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  1. I attended Monday’s meeting in Johnson City (first time for me) and I believe the majority of the PEC Board will be able to work together and steer that ship out of its troubled waters.

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