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June 12th, 2009
Texas State faculty members get development grants


Five Texas State faculty members were awarded $20,000 faculty development leave supplemental grants to assist in research initiatives.

The 2009-2010 academic year awardees are Associate Professor of Mathematics Maria Daniela Ferrero, Associate Professor of Geography Alberto Giordano, Associate Professor of Music Nico Schuler, Associate Professor of Biology Julie Westerlund and Associate Professor of Finance and Economics Ha-Chin Yi.

This is the second year that Texas State have offered these grants, which can be used for travel, lodging, purchase of equipment and materials and salary supplements.

Additionally, the following 18 faculty members were approved for faculty development grants for the upcoming academic year:

  • David Caverly, professor of curriculum and instruction
  • Richard Dixon, associate professor of geography
  • Kathleen Fite, professor of curriculum and instruction
  • James Garber, professor of anthropology
  • Valentina Glajar, associate professor of modern languages
  • Maureen Keeley, professor of communication studies
  • James Kimmel, professor of geography
  • Eric Kirby, associate professor of management
  • Susan Kirby, associate professor of management

Also approved for faculty development leave were:

  • Daniel Lochman, professor of english
  • N. Chinna Natesan, associate professor of marketing
  • Charles Ney, professor of theatre and dance
  • James R. Ott, associate professor of biology;
  • Kate L. Peirce, professor of journalism and mass communication
  • Raul I. Rodriguez, associate professor of music
  • Phillip Salem, professor of communication studies
  • Joseph K. Yick, professor of history
  • Lijun Yuan, associate professor of philosophy
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