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June 3rd, 2009
Swine flu confirmed in Hays County

Four cases of swine flu were confirmed in Hays County in May.


The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has notified the Hays County Personal Health Department that it has confirmed four cases of H1N1 flu in Hays County that occurred in May.

The affected residents are members of the same family, all children, who have subsequently recovered and were not hospitalized. The parents, who said the family had not traveled recently, also reported symptoms but are not confirmed as having had H1N1.

Priscilla Hargraves, director of the Hays County Personal Health Department, reminded residents to continue to take precautions to prevent the transmission of the flu, which is spread mainly through the sneezes and coughs of infected persons.

“Residents should continue to be vigilant about basic sanitary precautions,” Hargraves said. “Covering your mouth when coughing or sneezing, properly discarding used tissues and washing your hands frequently are some of the best ways to prevent any type of flu. We continue to encourage those who are sick to stay at home and follow the advice of their health care provider.”

The H1N1 virus continues to circulate throughout the country and symptoms are similar to any other type of flu. Persons who are experiencing flu symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy noses, body aches, headaches, chills and fatigue should see their health care provider. Some persons have also reported diarrhea and stomach upset. Health-care providers can administer a test to determine if the flu is a seasonal type or H1N1, although treatment of any type of flu is the same.

Child-care providers, who may be taking care of more children now that school is out, should pay particular attention to hygiene at their facilities.

Additional information about H1N1 is available at the Texas Department of State Health Services website at and the CDC at

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0 thoughts on “Swine flu confirmed in Hays County

  1. So the lab-engineered flu has arrived in Hays County. That does not bother me. What does bother me is the picture in this story. The masks engender fear far more than they protect from the flu, or any other airborne illness. The little buggers go right through all but highly specialized masks. People cough for a lot of reasons. Who will enforce such requirements? What is their authority? Can they diagnose an illness based on a cough? Haven’t we had enough of the flu fear hype? We must resist the noose of increasing government control over our lives. Before you know it, they will be blaming this flu on Al-Quaida. They ARE lurking around every corner, don’t you know?

  2. Yes, the over reaction to this flu has spread unnecessary panic! Thank God our San Marcos schools weren’t as stupid as others and shut down for two weeks!! Folks, remember, 36,000 Americans die each year from the “regular” flu {fact from CDC} and we don’t panic each year, do we? So why now over this one that has had less than 200 deaths worldwide?? Get real. Don’t buy into the panic mode. Look, the kids in this story didn’t even have to go to the hospital!! So what is the big deal? People get colds, flu, other temporary sickness ALL THE TIME. Time for people to educate themselves and not just “follow the herd” without knowing what is real. Don’t buy into panic or sensationalism! Demand facts, not fiction. The sky isn’t falling, chicken little!!

  3. Precautions by person or persons isn’t a stupid act. I recently went to the emergency room with a friend where there were two people coughing and there are masks available for them right at the door. Needless to say this made me uncomfortable. (I didn’t say I panicked). As mentioned above people die of the regular flu so why again is it a bad idea for people who are coughing, (because they know they are ill)to wear a mask? The real obvious threat is that this flu will turn into a worse kind of flu by fall if a vaccine isn’t found by then. As for mentioning terrorists being behind such acts really isn’t that far off if they wanted to do such a thing. God bless America!

  4. O.k. “Sigh”… and maybe the “terrorists” actual agenda is to get you to take this new “flu shot” for fall?

  5. Greetings “Sigh.” The masks do almost nothing to stop the spread of viruses and may even result in people being less careful. You said this flu “will” turn into a worse flu by fall. I assume you mean more widespread. I would rather have this one than some I have had in the past. If, however, you meant that it will mutate into a more dangerous form, no one can know that, unless it was designed to do just that. I encourage all readers to get educated on the dangers of vaccines. We have been lied to by corporations who are more interested in making money than in protecting our health. Check out the National Vaccine Information Center and alternative media sources to get the truth. Any terrorists involved in spreading disease will be more likely to wear a suit and tie than a turban.

  6. Hey, where can I get a tin foil hat to match the one that I am sure Stewart owns? Stewart, where do you get yours?

  7. Probably got it from that quack {alleged} PhD that believes in a “county government conspiracy” ….. or the lady who flip flops more than most politicians who is in a self-imposed “time out” right now….wait, I hear the theme from the Twilight Zone!!!!

  8. I was just saying. Geez people… Ask a real Doctor about the dangers of this flu mutating into a worse form of flu. Hell I don’t know that is what I have read and heard discussed.

  9. Since influenza viruses are highly mutable & notoriously unpredictable, there is cause for concern. Especially since the southern hemisphere is entering its flu season & there is a possibility that this particular virus could pick up genetic material from some of the other more lethal flu virus circulating there. While the media and some local governments have certainly behaved irresponsibly in their hype & panic, I think the actions of the CDC & WHO have been entirely appropriate. Frankly, it’s more a question of when, and not if, a pandemic on a scale of the 1918 flu occurs. And I’m not sure that’s such a bad thing; there’s way too many of us anyway.

  10. Dear COS,
    I got my tin foil hat from Paul Revere . . . only it’s not tin, it’s silver. Attempting to lump me with people who fear that outside forces are trying to invade their minds is an fallacious way of dismissing my argument. There is serious research about the dangers of vaccines and the pernicious role of major pharmaceutical companies in the spread of diseases. Look up the European court documents where Baxter Pharmaceuticals was convicted of selling their Factor 8 blood clotting agents (for hemophiliacs) to African nations even though they knew that it contained the AIDS and Hepatitis C viruses.

    Dear Karla,
    Please reconsider. This planet could support billions more wonderful, magical human beings if we weren’t spending so much of our resources finding new ways to kill people and poison our environment. It is a stated goal of the eugenicists that control the major corporations, and the “charitable” foundations they sponsor, to eliminate 80% or more of what they consider to be human parasites infesting the earth. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and others thought they should decide who deserved to live and who deserved to die. The millions of people they slaughtered undoubtedly wish that more people would have listened to the people with the tin foil hats.

  11. I’ve seen very little evidence that suggests that human beings are either “wonderful” or “magical”, and even less to support the claim that the planet could support billions more of them.

  12. Karla,
    Please don’t let the ugliness of some blind you to the decency of most. As for how many people the earth could support, much has been written over the years and various organizations have conducted studies and made reasoned projections. Much of it is available online. You can also access it at the Alkek Library. As new technologies combine with common-sense wisdom, we will learn to live more harmoniously with the natural environment. It we don’t, the problems will self-correct but the cost will be high. We can work together to solve common problems but not until we wake up from the us-against-them matrix supported and encouraged by people who benefit from nations and other groups constantly fighting with each other and vying for dominance.

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