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June 1st, 2009
Graduations as if by candle in Hays CISD


The annual rite of commencement for high school seniors in Hays CISD took place on May 29-30 at Bob Shelton Stadium under makeshift mood lighting as if to give the proceedings a candlelight aura.

After a light pole at the stadium fall and punctured the roof of Oran Bales Gymnasium in March, the school district removed the other three light poles. Temporary lights and abundant color from the sky sufficed on a night of passage for more than 600 students who are moving to the next stage of life.

Lehman High School’s (LHS) Class of 2009 was especially a landmark, as it is the school’s first graduating class to pass high school entirely within that campus. LHS opened in 2004 with grades eight through ten, adding the next two classes in the next two years and phasing out eighth grade.

“Spread love everywhere you go,” said Victor Martinez, salutatorian of the 300-member LHS class during graduation ceremonies on May 30. Martinez thanked all parents in attendance for their roles in their children’s success.

“Lehman has always been a place of safety for us,” said LHS valedictorian Jacqueline Rose, who added that the school provided an environment where “we could learn what we wanted to be.”

Rose acknowledged LHS Band Director Joey Lucita, quoting his encouragement to “practice and work hard and fly beyond your dreams.”

Dreams topped the salutatorian’s speech at the Hays High School (HHS) graduation on May 30. Dylan Randazzo challenged the Class of 2009 to attend the 10-year reunion and be able to say, “you are living your dream.”

Said Randazzo, “Live the life you imagine. Set lofty goals for yourself and do your best to realize them.”

Ashley Segovia, valedictorian of the 390-member HHS Class of 2009, described volunteering at Buda Elementary School Field Day, watching the “carefree” students.

“We miss the days when our biggest worry was what our mom put in our lunch that day,” she said. “I realized how much our priorities change over the years.”

Segovia said HHS “has allowed us all to experience the significant times together” and concluded with a quote from Dr. Seuss: “You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And you are the one who’ll decide where to go.”

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