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May 28th, 2009
UPDATED: Kyle girls recovered

Moriah Moreno


Hays County Sheriff’s announced that Anisa Andrea Moreno and Moriah Moreno were found in Southeast Austin. The Sheriff’s Department said in a statement that the details of the location were not yet clear, but more details will be released as they become available.

The original Amber Alert was issued at 10:15 a.m. Moreno was recovered around 10:45 a.m.

After the original Amber Alert was issued, Moreno’s parents traveled to Austin to search areas frequented by Candra Kenny, who was a suspect in the abductions. The children were recovered in Southeast Austin, unharmed. The Austin Police Department (APD) was notified, and Kenny was arrested on a charge of Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle, a State Jail felony. Hays County Sheriff’s Office detectives have traveled to Austin to take custody of Kenny. Additional charges may be filed as this investigation continues.


Hays County Sheriff’s have confirmed that Kenny is in custody at the Hays County Jail. She is awaiting magistration on the charge of Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle. The case is being submitted to the Hays County District Attorney to determine if additional charges need to be filed.

The two girls have been released into the custody of their parents, unharmed.

Booking photo of Candra Kenny.

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0 thoughts on “UPDATED: Kyle girls recovered

  1. I know this family, this is the older sister Mariah… Anisa is the younger one! So were they both recovered or just one??

  2. They were both recovered. The pictures we received indicated that she was Anisa rather than Moriah.

  3. The father found both of them, and they are doing good. The sad thing is Candra couldn’t understand why she was going to jail.

  4. Candra is both girls aunt she didnt kidnap anyone Ive seen Frank leave candra ther to watch the kids and not come back when he said he would be back! As for the using the neighbors car, im not sure about all that!

  5. Candra just didnt want to be at the house alone with the kids so she took them with her to a friends house,the kids love Candra she is a great person.Big misunderstanding, this was uncalled for..And yes the neighbor let her use the truck,crazy thing is, is she was suppose to go to the store to buy beer for him, she was under age and he wanted her to buy beer? Wow sounds like the wrong person got charged, they should be thanking Candra.

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