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May 21st, 2009
'Dancing Guy' shakes it in San Marcos

Todd Andrews, aka “The Dancing Guy.”

News Reporter

Sunglasses, visor and an iPod are a few of the tools of Todd Andrews’ trade, which consists of dancing for an apartment locating company on Aquarena Springs Drive.

Locally known as “Dancing Todd” or “The Dancing Guy,” Andrews began his dancing career at Liberty Taxes going on four years ago and moved to Little Caesar’s before he caught the eye of Jason Tarr, owner of Great Locations, the real estate company.

“I used to dance in front of Liberty Taxes and managers would drive up to me, give me their card and offer me jobs,” Andrews said. “The manager of Little Caesar’s came up to me and offered me a better paying job, so I started working there for about a year and then Jason Tarr got a hold of me and said he wanted me to work for him.”

With the incentive of more money and a flexible schedule, Andrews began working for the Great Locations in 2007.

Before moving from San Diego to San Marcos, the “Dancing Man” was involved in a fatal multi-rollover accident at age 16, in which he was pronounced DOA, dead on arrival. Resuscitated and revived, Andrews suffered full paralysis on the right side of his body, which he overcame through seven years in rehabilitation.

With a substantial insurance settlement in tow, Andrews moved to Texas in 2004 to find a home.

“I moved to Texas because the housing market was better and the cost of living was lower,” Andrews said. “I really love this town.”

While capable of driving back and forth to work and home, Andrews continues to visit a rehabilitation center in San Marcos.

“Basically I’m kinda still in one, in general,” he said. “I just go over to shower, eat and they take me home. That’s all I need them for and I drive to work and I drive to my house.”

With numerous commercials, interviews, YouTube videos, and even a larger than life billboard, Andrews is well known and recognized by San Marcos residents and Texas State students.

“I was standing in line at the H-E-B and this woman told me she saw me on TV,” Andrews said. “It’s pretty common that I get recognized. The students here come up to me and always say, ‘Hey you’re that dancing guy.’”

Texas State student Liliana Hinojosa recalled her early memories of moving to San Marcos and seeing the dancing man in action.

“I remember when I first moved to San Marcos, I saw Todd dancing on the sidewalk and I asked my friend what that guy was doing,” Hinojosa said. “She responded with ‘That’s Dancing Guy! He’s always dancing on that corner.’ It seems like that guy is always dancing. Besides on Aquarena Springs, I’ve seen him shake it at Nephews. He’s a San Marcos novelty. I can’t help but smile when I see him.”

Currently on repeat on the “dancing man’s” iPod is Country Singer Trace Adkin’s “Got My Game On.”

Said Andrews, “I’m a big Trace Adkin’s fan. His music makes me dance. So, that’s what I listen to when I’m outside shaking it for all the drivers.”

Great Locations Vice President of Operations Julie Hutchins said Andrews’ cheerful demeanor is consistent around the clock.

“Todd always comes into work with a positive, ‘ready-to-work’ attitude,” Hutchins said. “He’s just as energetic off the streets as he is when he’s waving to the cars. Since Todd joined Great Locations, we’ve provided him with outlets to grow his personal reputation while promoting our company at the same time.”

Said Andrews, “I enjoy this gig. I get a lot of respect from people. That’s what I do for a job. Who else would go out there and shake their thing?”

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