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May 18th, 2009
Prather drops out of city council race


Saying he won’t return home from active duty in Iraq until later than anticipated, Jude Prather announced Monday morning that he is withdrawing from the San Marcos City Council race in November.

Prather announced his candidacy in March after losing a 2007 bid for the city council to incumbent Gaylord Bose by three votes. In 2008, the United States Army re-called Prather to serve in Iraq.

Prather never specified which of two city council seats he would seek in this year’s bid. The terms for Councilmembers John Thomaides and Pam Couch both expire in November. Neither has announced if they will run for re-election.

With Prather dropping out of the race, only Lisa Maria Coppoletta, who lost to Chris Jones last November, has announced a run for the council. Coppoletta said she will run for the seat held by Couch.

Prather filed believing he would be done with his tour in mid-July. He said he has since learned that won’t be the case.

“I apologize to our Citizens for jumping the gun and announcing too early, but please be understanding of my unusual circumstance,” Prather wrote in his announcement. “The Army term for it is ‘scuttlebutt,’ and when I announced running for City Council my unit was expected to be out-processing from Ft. Hood by mid-July. Although the July deadline is still true for nearly half of the recalled soldiers in my unit, I am in the second half of recalled soldiers coming home at a later time than I had originally expected. This would give me a very short window to put together an effective campaign, while also adjusting to coming home from the war, newlywed married life, and returning to school. It was a really hard reality check and a personal ‘gut-check’ to come to grips with, but it was a decision I had to make. To meet all the citizens necessary to effectively run a successful campaign, along with other family responsibilities, under such a short time frame would have been unsuccessful.”

Prather said he intends to live in San Marcos with his wife. Once back, Prather said he will work to make San Marcos more efficient in energy and water matters, create careers in the city, promote bike transit, bridge town and gown conflicts, protect neighborhoods, give police and fire personnel the tools they need, and “most importantly, help in protecting our city’s soul, the San Marcos River and our green spaces.”

In addition, Prather said, he will strive to make San Marcos “the most veteran friendly town in America” through a series of initiatives that will encourage veterans to live in San Marcos and attend Texas State.

Prather did not indicate that he will run for office in the future, though he left the door open.

“Understand all of this will be done as a private citizen, but we must know that we can change our city for the better, through the power to vote, being vocal, and involved in your community,” Prather said. “These actions are a start in being able to change the world one city at a time for a better tomorrow and you never know that election bug could catch me again. Thank you and God Bless.”

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0 thoughts on “Prather drops out of city council race

  1. You are a hero brother and I support you. I have been in Iraq since mid 2006. Let me know if you want to run again and how I can help you! Thank you for your service!

  2. Same here, Jude.
    Bad news for the town, though-
    who wants to run for City Council now?
    I’ll write the first check.

  3. Indeed, thank you for your service and for the tremendous sacrifice you and the rest of our troops make by putting your lives on hold to go into harm’s way, so that the rest of us do not have to.

  4. Chris: If you really want to improve our fair city, why don’t you help beautify it by taking down your campaign signs? Ten days seems like plenty of time to have taken care of that. They can be recycled at Green Guy. Thanks.

  5. You gonna give me a clue, left? Because I would love to purge the earth of every last sign bearing my name.
    However, I did not personally place all 200 campaign signs, although it feels like I did.
    I have no idea where they all might be. I actually had some people helping me with that.
    I know what to do- I’ll spend the next few days driving up and down every single street in the District from Willow Creek to Staples to make sure I have recovered every last sign. My new goal for the week is to make you happy…

  6. Craddock & Bishop, Craddock midway, Craddock and 12. Seems like there were others but can’t remember now. Didn’t mean to be overly critical; it’s a pet peeve of mine.

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