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May 17th, 2009
Texas State to keep electronic medical records


Texas State’s Student Health Center (SHC) will begin keeping health records electronically starting May 18 with its new Electronic Health Record (EHR).

The EHR will replace paper medical charts and contain patient information in a readily accessible format. Drug interactions and allergies are automatically checked before prescribing medication. Current diagnostic and therapeutic information will be available to help facilitate patient care. Another benefit to having the system is that an EHR is always legible, unlike hand-written charts.

The EHR system, designed by Medicat LLC of Atlanta, GA, will help the SHC enhance the reporting and tracking of illnesses and injuries, which is expected to be helpful during public health situations like the recent H1N1, or Swine Flu, outbreak.

EHR will also help the SHC by reducing the use of paper and ink. Eventually, off-site storage of medical charts and the costs that go with transporting them can be eliminated, as well.

The EHR program will be implemented in two phases. In May 2009, SHC staff will begin using the electronic records instead of charts. Online forms for students and secured messages with medical providers will be implemented later in the summer or fall.

The EHR system was the first to receive CCHIT certification, which demonstrates the product meets nationally recognized quality and security standards. Other universities that have implemented the program include Princeton, Rutgers, Colorado, Virginia Tech and Florida State.

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  1. EHR systems are believed to increase physician efficiency and reduce costs, as well as promote standardization of care.EHR can stimulate money.

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