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May 7th, 2009
San Marcos seeking $96.2 million in stimulus funds


City officials are navigating the fluid world of federal stimulus funds in pursuit of $96.2 million from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, commonly called the stimulus package.

In a city council workshop on Tuesday, Melissa Millecam, the city’s governmental affairs director, outlined the requests:

Community Development Block Grant U.S Housing and Urban Development $139,827
Neighborhood Stablization Program Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs $525,000
Energy Efficiency Block Grant U.S. Energy Department $498,100
Public safety including Community Oriented Policing program U.S. Justice Department, others $4,646,738
Transportation projects funding Texas Department of Transportation $11,390,000
Transportation projects funding Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization $49,349,213
Water Loan projects Texas Water Development Board $11,716,075
Wastewater Loan projects Texas Water Development Board $28,150,000
Airport Texas Department of Transportation $15,789
TOTAL $96,179,742
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3 thoughts on “San Marcos seeking $96.2 million in stimulus funds

  1. The hungry pig feeds again. I wonder when we’ll finally say enough is enough and budget for our own needs, pay our own bills, and quit feeding at the public trough. Doesn’t look like that’s today.

  2. Patriot, it may be sooner than later due to our currency being totally fiat and China offering its currency as the new world standard.

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