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April 26th, 2009
San Marcos declares Autism Awareness Month

Front row, left to right: San Marcos Mayor Narvaiz, San Marcos CISD educators Debbie McCullough, Michelle Pope,  and Renee Wendell. Back row, left to right: John Roppolo, City Councilmember Fred Terry, Mayor Pro Tem Pam Couch, San Marcos Superintendent Patty Shafer, City Councilmember Gaylord Bose and Janie Sears.


Recognizing that Autism Spectrum Disorder affects one of 150 people, San Marcos Mayor Susan Narvaiz proclaims April as “Autism Awareness Month” in support of the accurate diagnosis and treatment of the disorder.

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0 thoughts on “San Marcos declares Autism Awareness Month

  1. I hope they mentioned vaccine awareness because that’s what’s causing this. Thirty years ago we weren’t pressured to get vaccinated. These days I have to pay a notary to watch me sign a letter saying I object to having my children vaccinated. If I refuse to do that I’m a criminal under delinquency laws.
    It’s the parents who WANT their kids vaccinated who should have to sign something, and pay money. Instead most kid are vaccinated (and so intravenously exposed to themerisol and other deadly toxins) with my tax dollars.

  2. I agree that we probably over-vaccinate kids these days. Not every single childhood disease warrants it. But vaccinations against some diseases are a GOOD thing. They protect all of society. Maybe you are too young to remember polio. Or tuberculosis. Or the fear of crowds who might contain a single individual who could kill you. But with the attitude of people like yourself coming back into vogue, that fear could once again become real again for all of us.

    I once wondered myself if autism wasn’t linked to vaccinations. But study after study have concluded that there is no reason to believe this. The cause for autism needs more study. But if we become obsessed with one reason and fail to look at all the possible causes, then we will never find the truth. The increase in the number of children with autism could be linked to the number of parents who are waiting to start a family. Studies now indicate that our age may be linked to a multitude of health problems in our children. And this applies to men as well as women. Our little chromosones age right along with us – they don’t stay fresh. Why in the world did we ever expect anything different?

  3. Really Sherri? If this was a concern of yours, were you there to help draft the proposal? Do you have an autistic child?

    Granted, I’m on the fence about the vaccinations. It’s easy to point fingers and say who’s to blame, but the point is to come together as a community, as a people, make society more aware and work towards a solution

  4. Sherri – I take issue with the comments included in your 2 posts for many reasons. First, I think you are misinformed. Vaccines are administered subcutaneously, not intraveneously. If you are indeed up on your research and current issues on autism, you would know this.

    Secondly, if you were up-to-date on the current literature, you would know how to spell thimerosal, and know that it has not been used in childhood vaccines since 2001, yet the incidence of autism has remained steady, and in some communities risen.

    Third, your tax dollars do not fund vaccines across the majority of the population. Insurance companies funded by YOUR premiums pay for vaccines. Vaccines administered by public health entities may be funded by your tax dollars, so kudos to you.

    Next, Lila and Gabby have the right idea. Though the cause of autism is NOT known, much focus should be placed on awareness of the disorder, awareness about the individuals and families living with the disorder and how to addres it once the diagnosis is made.

    Lastly, I find your comment about vaccines being administered without parental notification absurd! What do you mean by notification? Do you mean consent?Federal and state law requires that parents give informed consent – meaning THEY MUST APPROVE the administration of vaccines. If parent consent is not being obtained, practitioners should be reported immediately to their state licensing boards as this practice is against the law. I suggest if you know for a fact that this is going on, you take action rather than just complain about it.

    Lastly, if you are a parent or relative of an individual with autism, I appreciate your support. If autism has not touched your life, I still appreciate your comments and support. Regardless of which category you fall into, I would appreciate it if you become more informed. People like you who spout off inaacuracies hinder the forward progress needed to work towards a cure and management of the children that will soon be adults in OUR community.

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