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April 11th, 2009

“I think that they were very capable of doing the work, but I believe that the concerns were enough for me to really revisit that and reconsider that.”

Hays County Precinct 1 Commissioner Debbie Ingalsbe about pulling an engineering deal from KBR.Read More >>

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0 thoughts on “QUOTE CORNER

  1. I guess the older you get the more conservative you get, but how much is this little bit of political correctness going to cost us the tax payers of Hays County? While I don’t like what KBR did in Iraq, they are good engineers and we are putting good Texas out of work her in San Marcos and in other parts of Texas. Now we will get to pay more and be politically correct. I am sorry but I don’t buy that.

  2. Mr. Sergi, ask the families of our Vets effected by KBR’s malice and greed what the true price of doing business KBR cost them?

  3. Soldiers have died and KBR needs to be accountable for that. The electrocution deaths in Iraq was not accidental, but a “negligent homicide” by KBR contractors.

    There are murders who are good at their jobs, that does not mean you should hire them. Not to mention, KBR does not have a unique attribute or patent that a more suitable contractor cannot match.

  4. I know many fine folks at KBR other than the ones that are in the headlines. I am sorry but I respectfully disagree with you and your methods.

  5. Please list one of the “murderers” that is coming to work in Hays County? What everyone forgets is that in an organization as large as KBR reform can but not if you try to throw out the baby with the bath water. These guys have been damm good road engineers for years. They have build more good roads in Texas than any one I can think of. Do you want to put us at risk by letting a second class engineering outfit build our roads for more money? Do engineers make mistakes in war zones, sure they do, is Hays county a war zone? Only in the political arena. All I want to do is build quality roads for my kids to pass over.

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