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March 31st, 2009
Texas State students still without water

Texas State students living on campus east of Comanche Street have been without hot water for nearly a week.

Associate Editor

Many Texas State students still do not have hot water after an almost weeklong situation unfolds new problems.

Students can expect lack of hot water until at least 2 or 3 a.m. Wednesday morning, while crews work on the faulty boiler into the night, said Associate Vice President for Facilities Pat Fogarty. The repairs are expected to be finalized by midnight and the boiler will then undergo a hydrostatically test to prove concretely it is working, after several continuous failed attempts.

Fourteen University dormitories have been affected by a boiler that has not functioned since last Wednesday and has continuously been under repair all week in efforts to get students “much needed” hot water.

“Students, parents, and even grandparents have contacted us complaining about this situation,” said Fogarty. “And I understand where they’re coming from. I don’t like it, either.”

Fogarty said the Residence Life office has advised students of the operational hours of the Student Recreation Center, which has running hot water and fully functional showers. Dormitories affected are those East of Comanche Street, while the West side of campus and surrounding University apartments have not been troubled.

University Vice President Bill Nance said in an email Monday that living conditions for affected students have been “unacceptable” and called the situation “unfortunate.”

“I want to sincerely apologize to our students and to all in the university community affected by this situation,” Nance said.  “I also wish to express my apologies to the parents of our students. They rightfully expect better living conditions for their students than we have been able to provide in the past week.”

The malfunctioning boiler is a temporary one put into effect last August, after another temporary boiler brought into the university late February 2008 proved to be faulty. The university is currently undergoing a project of installing permanent boilers in the Cogeneration Plant to provide heating and hot water for the campus.

The first of the new permanent boilers is scheduled to begin operating by the end of April, while the second is expected for May. The purchase of the boilers and their installation totals more than $2.2 million.

“(The permanent boilers) should be reliable and should serve the university’s needs well into the future,” Nance said.

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