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March 28th, 2009
Velte: ‘I am innocent’

Managing Editor

Paul C. Velte IV, a former district attorney candidate charged on Friday with sexually assaulting his stepdaughter, said he is innocent of the charge and the victim of a rebellious teenager’s acting out.

“I am innocent of these charges. I have far too much to lose and nothing to gain by doing such a thing. I have a wonderful family life with five other children. I would never jeopardize that,” Velte said. “I have a teenage stepdaughter that thinks she can get what she wants by manipulating the police and CPS. The sad thing is, she has jeopardized the future of all her siblings and her parents now.”

Velte, a Kyle attorney, turned himself in to the Hays County jail on Friday to face a charge stemming from his 13-year-old stepdaughter’s accusation that he raped her one night when she was nine or ten. Sexual assault of a child is a first-degree felony punishable by up to 99 years in prison.

“I did my best to protect her from boys from doing what she is accusing me of now. The sad thing is if I had let her have her way, I wouldn’t be here now — I would not be facing these charges. I tried to do right by that girl,” Velte said. “I guess this is just modern life. You have family police breathing down your neck empowering children the way they have.”

In 2006, Velte ran in the Republican Party primary against Wes Mau, who was then first assistant district attorney, winning 47.27 percent of the vote. Mau lost to Democrat Sherri Tibbe by a razor-thin margin. Tibbe has said her office will not hand any aspect of Velte’s prosecution to avoid potential conflicts of interest.

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5 thoughts on “Velte: ‘I am innocent’

  1. OH WELL – Modern Life can come and bite you in the A– when you least expect it – more over by the people you loved and trusted – your family

  2. what happened to the relate story about the interim sheriff here having the exact same experience in the 80’s as paul is having now. it was called a familly dispute when all was said and done…of course he isn’t a ron paul republican now is he….if he was i belive the term used in paul’s article was rape….hmmmm

  3. To Brett:
    With regards to the interim sheriff’s case: I believe that his case actually resulted in a mistrial due to a hung jury. The DA decided not to retry him on request from the alleged victim who did not want to go through another trial. Or so the story goes. I don’t have either the time or the inclination to do the research on this today. I could be wrong on this.

    I think the real question is: Does the public hold our elected officials to a higher standard? yeah. They probably do. But should they? I really don’t know the answer to this one. After all, they are just people like ourselves and they make mistakes too. But we are putting them in charge of the public’s affairs and we expect a high degree of integrity.

    Maybe this is a better topic than trying a specific man in the open court of public opinion when there is no way that we can know all the facts – nor should we.

  4. Assumptions and presumptions do not serve to separate the issues of guilt or innocence. There is a legal process for these matters. Debating Paul’s guilt or innocence without the facts serves no purpose except to voice one’s dissatisfaction with groups or beliefs in which Paul is aligned.

    When one is a public figure, these types of matters become headline sensation. How can those of the public judge a man without the facts?

    This type of story elicits much emotional response from both those who have experienced a similar ordeal as a victim of abuse or those who have been falsely accused.

    As a person trained and formerly employed supervising adolescents in residential care, I have seen both sides of victimization as stated above.

    Whatever direction this case takes, a family is suffering and some of the comments on this blog do not take into account the pain this family is going through.

    Brad’s follow up shows some sensitivity in giving Paul an opportunity to voice his side of the story, but the damage has been done and those who blog here should be attentive to a need for sensitivity for the sake of all involved.

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