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March 17th, 2009
Native American conference heading to Texas State


Texas State’s Native American Student Association will hold its third annual Native American Cultural Awareness Conference on March 25, in the LBJ Student Center.

Sponsored by a gift from the Killeen-based Four Winds Intertribal Society (FWIS), the conference is intended to promote diversity through cultural knowledge specific to Native Americans. Organizers hope to use the conference to dispel stereotypes about Native Americans, and create a deeper understanding of Native American culture through storytelling, cultural exhibitions, lectures, and interactions with the Native American community.

FWIS has also agreed to dedicate its endowed scholarship fund, established in 2008, for Native American students at Texas State. The scholarship will be dedicated to the memory of Patricia Maxwell Duncan, and will be named in her honor, as well as FWIS.A breakfast and pot-luck lunch will be provided, and fourteen invited speakers will lead discussions about Native American topics, ranging from archeology to cosmology. Scheduled speakers and topics include:

Dr. Shannon Speed – Assistant Professor of Anthropology, University of Texas.
“Indians are Indians, Here or There: Native Peoples of the U.S. and Latin America.”

Suzette Locke – Secretary of the Chickasaw Community Council of South Texas.
“The Only Good Indian”

Greg Yawakia – Zuni Traditional Teacher.
“Utilizing our Native Gifts, the 4 Spiritual Directions.”

Phil Stucker – Past Chairman of the FWIS.
“Finding Your Genealogical Heritage.”

Grandmother Emma Ortega – Lipan Apache.
“Broken Pots.”

William Harjo – Creek.
Presentation on Native Languages.

Deerheart Hummingbird – Choctaw.
“Perspectives on Women’s Self Esteem: A Native Woman’s Point of View.

Orvie Longhorn – Kiowa-Caddo-Delaware.
“Reel and Real Indians.”

Judy Cyr – Huron lady’s cloth powwow dancer, poet and horsewoman.
“Women’s Dance: In relation to Healing.”

Chief Shellbone.
“Through the Buffalo: The Chiefs Helped the People.”

Kassa Willingham – FWIS.
“Comanche Women Living in a White Man’s World.”

Ricardo Areazola and Daniel Rodriguez – Aztec Dancers.
“Atomic Theory and Aztec Dance.”

Ray Duncan – Cherokee, member of the Four Winds Intertribal Society.
Panel discussion.

For more information, contact the Native American Student Association faculty advisor Roxana Tuff at (512) 245-1828, or via email.

(Editor’s Note: The above has been revised to show that Ray Duncan is not the Chairman of the Keetowah.)

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