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March 16th, 2009
Televisory: Rogers Band Monday night on Leno

The Randy Rogers Band, which got its start at the Cheatham Street Warehouse, is appearing Monday night on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.By HAP MANSFIELDScene Editor When The Randy Rogers Band recorded its first album, “Live at the Cheatham Street Warehouse,” in 2000, it was a big step for a guy who started out covering the Stone Temple Pilots in a high school talent show with his garage band.The band has gone a long way since then.Tonight, The Randy Rogers Band will appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (KXAN-TV, 10:30 p.m.).The Randy Rogers Band has taken a wild and ride to fame, what with opening for Willie Nelson, the Eagles, Gary Allan and Dyers Bentley. The band’s highly acclaimed 2004 release aptly carries the title, “Rollercoaster.”When Rogers signed his contract with Mercury Records in 2005, it was fitting that the press conference and subsequent celebration took place at the celebrated San Marcos venue where it had all come to fruition.Many San Marcians have watched Rogers’ career since they first saw him at the Cheatham Street nine or ten years ago.Those lucky followers don’t need to be told that the band was nurtured by Cheatham Street proprietor and Hill Country music guru Kent Finlay, or that the band is up for an Academy of Country Music Award. Rogers’ local fans probably know that his 2006 release, “Just a Matter of Time,” debuted as iTunes’ most downloaded country album of the year.Even more San Marcians know that the band was featured on David Letterman a few weeks ago, and that the band just won Playboy magazine’s Reader’s Poll. Even Rolling Stone got on the bus, touting the band as a “must see artist” in 2007.It’s too late now to see The Randy Rogers Band in the cozy confines of the legendary Cheatham Street Warehouse, working on songs and polishing up chops.A cautionary tale looms. San Marcos is possibly the luckiest town in the world when it comes to listening music and good musicians. Take advantage. Support live music in town. Catch the stars on the way up.Don’t forget to mosey on down to the Cheatham Street Warehouse and listen to some of the regulars that Finlay is shepherding. Finlay has a line-up of hand picked musicians that he encourages with time, attention and an audience. It is an understatement to say that Finlay has an ear for exceptional music. Everybody in town knows that it was partly due to Finlay’s guidance that there even is a George Strait.It’s not just the Cheatham Street either, by the way. Riley’s and the Triple Crown and many more local venues feature great music. All these places are loaded with talent and, while they’re not as flashy, they’re a lot more fun than Leno.

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  1. Thanks for your support and coverage of our incredible music scene here in San Marcos. Randy Rogers is just another prime example of what continues to happen over and over here in the most exciting music center in the world. Wherever he goes, he always tells the huge crowds where he started, and he continues to play at home when he can. We’ll be celebrating the band’s tenth anniversary on October 3, at Cheatham Street Warehouse, and Randy will be playing an acoustic song swap with Wade Bowen in June. Also, we are working on a Randy Rogers Band date for late April or early May. Texas Music Forever!

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