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March 13th, 2009
SMHS cheerleaders help clean up river

Members of the San Marcos High School (SMHS) Striking Rattler Cheerleaders pose with League of United Latin-American Citizens (LULAC) members.


The San Marcos High School (SMHS) Striking Rattler Cheerleaders pitched in for the San Marcos River Cleanup on March 7.

Despite warning about fire ants and snakes, the cheerleaders did their part to make sure the San Marcos River stayed clean. Following the cleanup, participants enjoyed hamburgers and drinks, courtesy of the local Leauge of United Latin-American Citizens (LULAC) chapter.

LULAC sponsored the river cleanup, providing breakfast tacos and coffee to participants.

SMHS Varsity Cheerleader sponsor Vicky Moreno.

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0 thoughts on “SMHS cheerleaders help clean up river

  1. Just thought I should post additional info re the river cleanup. Thanks for the article about the river cleanup, and certainly the whole community appreciates the help from the cheerleaders and especially LULAC! It would be more accurate, however, to mention that the river cleanup is a huge one that has many wonderful sponsors, with all kinds of groups doing the work.

    Hundreds of people, both locals and many more from out of town, work on the 90 miles of the river, until the point where river joins with the Guadalupe River near Gonzales. Canoe Clubs from all over Texas come to do the dirty work, including Texas Canoe Racers Association who love this river and use it for many races including the Texas Water Safari.

    To start with, the Texas Rivers Protection Association coordinates the hundreds of volunteers and helps them find the right place to concentrate their work, all the way to Gonzales. This involves dealing with the mountains of trash that is collected, and disposing of it properly, which TRPA arranges with cities, counties and individuals all along the river’s course. Their president Tom Goynes of Martindale has done this coordination work on the big cleanup of the year for over 30 years now. All of those who help dispose of the trash, and those who help clean it up, are considered part of the sponsoring groups, and Goynes himself works for months to coordinate this huge event.

    Local canoe rental TG Canoes provides free canoes, is also considered a sponsor, and has done this for decades. The Austin Sierra Club led cleaning this year of a long stretch of really nasty trash below San Marcos, where all the trash like cans and bottles and styrofoam collects and floats in big log jams downstream of town. There were so many canoe clubs helping that I don’t even know all of them, but all the major cities in Texas were represented.

    The City of San Marcos helped register and disperse volunteers, sending many groups to tributaries that were extremely filthy, like Willow Creek, Purgatory Creek, Sessom Creek, and more, in San Marcos. the idea is to prevent trash from being washed into the river from our trashy streets and creeks in town. Some groups helped clean the city parks too. The city arranged for the breakfast tacos by LULAC so much appreciated by the volunteers, and also the hamburger lunches for 100 volunteers. I think city folks cooked the burgers but I’m not sure about that.

    SMRF cooked barbecue, plus all the sides and desserts, for about 250 volunteers who worked all day and stayed for supper at Shady Grove Campground in Martindale. This is a decades-long tradition, a thank you dinner. The campground provided restrooms and wonderful pavilion facilities for the crowd, and free camping for hundreds, as did Goynes’ San Marcos River Retreat near Pecan Park. At least another 100 people who did not show up for dinner helped with the cleanup, and mountains of trash was sorted by Green Guy Recycling, reycling all that he could.

    Hochheim Prairie Insurance, the San Marcos Lions Club, and Southwest Plumbing are donors for the supplies for the river cleanup dinner that SMRF volunteers cook.

    This spring cleanup is an enormous effort by several hundred people and many sponsors who we thank from the bottoms of our hearts. The timing was great since the rains came later, and because of all this work, there was less trash to wash into the river. There is always still plenty of trash to pick up, any time you visit the river, so please take a sack with you on any outing and grab all you can. It is the least we can do, for the use of such a beautiful river! Try to teach children and visitors about the use of trashcans for cigarette butts and fishing line and all kinds of trash, or at least putting their empty cans back into their blankety-blank ice chests.

    If there are other sponsors or groups that readers know of, who should be thanked, please let me know so I can thank them too.

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