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March 12th, 2009
Youth Commission seeks youth advocate nominations


The San Marcos Youth Commission is initiating a program that will provide for recognition of individuals who positively influence the city’s youth. The Youth Advocate of the Month Award will be presented to a nominee selected by the commission every month.

“A lot of times, the involvement of one person who is prepared to invest in the life of a child can make all the difference,” said commission member Ani Yazedjian. “Some kids don’t get that kind of investment and attention at home and a youth advocate can fulfill a critical role in the lives of those children.”

The Youth Commission endeavors to involve the entire community in promoting fundamental resources or goals for the healthy development of all youth in the San Marcos community.

“Recognizing youth advocates may encourage more adults to join the ranks of the much needed volunteer group,” said commission member Carol Peters. “The recognitions will help publicize the needs of our youth and perhaps make the general public more aware of what a portion of society is doing to work toward empowering out youth.”

The Youth Commission is taking nominations year round. Nominations can be picked up and dropped off with Sandra Myers at the Grant Harris Jr. Building, 401 E. Hopkins Street during normal business hours.


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