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March 12th, 2009
‘Shaken Baby’ doll to aid agencies in education


The ability of Hays County criminal justice agencies to respond to serious child abuse crimes has gained a significant tool with the donation of special equipment aimed at training personnel on “shaken baby” syndrome.

compton_9259.jpgSan Marcos police Cmdr. Penny Dunn, Hays County Sheriff Tommy Ratliff and District Attorney Sherri Tibbe accepted the donation of a $700 “Shaken Baby Doll” and training material from the San Marcos Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association Tuesday at the San Marcos Police Department.

The electronic baby, manufactured by RealityWorks, is designed to demonstrate the injuries to an infant or toddler by having areas of the head light up when a baby is shaken or struck.

“We are extremely grateful to the SMCPAAA for their ongoing support for the San Marcos Police and law enforcement in Hays County,” said Dunn. “SMCPAAA saw the value of this equipment for use by multiple agencies for training of officers, educating the public, and prosecution of offenders who seriously injure or kill children.”

Tibbe said area agencies will use the doll and training materials in an outreach effort to area schools and organizations, as well as in prosecutions. “This doll demonstrates how very fragile infants are,” said Tibbe. “Maybe we can prevent such terrible injuries from happening to other babies in the future.”

Ratliff said his office will be able to use the shaken baby in outreach to students at Hays County middle schools and high schools.

The equipment and training materials will be used by city and county personnel to train law enforcement officers, prosecutors, judges, students, adults, and many others on the dangers of shaking a child. The doll can be used for demonstration of the effects on a child in courtrooms and for grand jury presentations.

The SMCPAAA was formed in 1998 by graduates of the San Marcos Police Citizen Police Academy. They assist with the continuing education of CPA attendees and support the SMPD through volunteer work and donations to the department for special projects.

The volunteers annually participate in Operation Blue Santa, Tax Free Weekend, and Black Friday shopping days at the Outlet Malls. The SMCPAAA has contributed more than 6,000 service hours in the past nine years.

The SMCPAAA has donated more than $30,000 worth of equipment to SMPD, including simunitions, courtyard improvements, lights and mounts for rifles, lighting equipment, a drug dog, bicycles, digital cameras, a treadmill and the Shaken Baby doll.

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5 thoughts on “‘Shaken Baby’ doll to aid agencies in education

  1. While this may be a good idea to use in a class room this dool has actually been exculded from the court room. Frankly, the doll is a close to a real baby as a Bratz doll is to a teenager. Lord I hope that this thing does not windup in our court room and make other wise good convictions reversable.

  2. My son was a victim of shaken baby syndrome. I have not seen this model myself, but I think parents having a reality check of just how fragile an infant is would be fantastic! I support this 100%

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