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March 9th, 2009
Prather takes second run at council seat

Jude Prather


Jude Prather, who lost a 2007 bid for the San Marcos City Council by three votes before his call back for active duty in Iraq, announced another run for the council Monday.

Prather didn’t specify which seat he will seek. Two seats are up for election in November – Place 5, held by Pam Couch, and Place 6, held by John Thomaides.

“After long hours of prayer, debate, and thought, I have decided to run again for San Marcos City Council in the 2009 election,” Prather said. “After conceding defeat in the 2007 city council election, and it was decided after a recount that I had lost by three votes, I knew then that my desire to serve San Marcos still burned.”

In 2008, the United States recalled Prather to serve in Iraq. Prather said the experience better prepared him for his second run.

“Through adversity and the journey of my deployment, I have become a stronger and more determined public servant – attributes that could serve San Marcos well during these uncertain economic times,” said Prather, 26.

Economic development and veterans issues are central to Prather’s platform. Prather indicated that San Marcos is especially susceptible to fluctuations in sales tax revenue, considering, he said, that such revenue contributes 48.15 percent to the city’s general revenue fund.

“San Marcos faces hard challenges ahead and we will be faced with tough decisions in the unfortunate event that consumer spending continues to decline,” Prather said. “Consequently, we must look for other avenues for income for San Marcos. A traditional and reliable source of income for a town is a strong property tax base, which is why we must protect the integrity of our neighborhoods and allow the addition of new property to this tax base.”

On veterans issues, Prather hopes to lure more returning vets to the San Marcos area.

“We need to make every attempt to recruit Veterans to move to San Marcos,” Prather said. “This task can be as simple as putting a San Marcos brochure in the out processing buildings in Ft. Hood and on military bases in San Antonio, as well as creating a Veterans Court for our nation’s heroes who fall into trouble. An idea I campaigned on in 2007 and pitched to council members before I deployed was the creation of a Veterans Commission, which has currently been implemented. The Veterans Commission will serve as another avenue for ideas and veteran programs. San Marcos has fallen behind in regard to veteran care and after nearly (eight) years of war it is time we start serving those who have served.”

Prather has indicated that he will resume his education at Texas State as a public administration major. His wife, Kathy Martinez-Prather, is expected to begin her Ph.D. studies at Texas State, as well. Prather will use the benefits from the “New G.I. Bill,” which includes a full scholarship towards tuition, a $1,200 monthly stipend and $1,000 a year for books.

Said Prather, “Fellow citizens, I want to be your public servant and be a good steward of our tax dollars. It is time we start rebuilding our neighborhoods and helping our fellow neighbors in need.  I want to focus on green infrastructure improvements that allow efficiency and promote the use of bike and transit. I want to be a common bridge in the ‘town and gown’ issues we have. In addition, I will give our police and fire department the tools to make us safe. As a town we must prepare for the future needs of water resources and the protection of our river and aquifer in what seems to be a never ending drought. Most importantly, we need to protect what makes our city so beautiful and gives it her soul, the San Marcos River and our green spaces.”

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0 thoughts on “Prather takes second run at council seat

  1. Way to go Jude! You are what San Marcos needs on council. You got my vote and many others! Safe return back from Iraq.

  2. Jude, with all due respect, the Veterans Commission being relegated to the Parks & Recreation Department is a slap in the face of Veterans. All they will get from Parks & Recreation and the City Council is that they will make sure the Veterans Memorial stays nice and polished. We need a REAL commitment from our city leaders to understanding the great sacrifice our veterans have made for us.

  3. I agree with Angel, and I think Jude Prather is dedicated to making a “REAL commitment” to our veterans. He knows the sacrifice because he is making one right now for all of us.

  4. Jude, if you read this, I think your sitting-duck target is Kim Porterfield when she comes up for election. If you want up there now, then Pam Couch. You & John have a lot in common as far as policy stances, while Pam Couch has been nothing more than a Mayor rubber stamp.

    I encourage you to talk with folks serving on other commissions at the city to get an idea of specific issues facing our community. Go grassroots–talk to people in the neighborhoods. I felt you needed a little polish in the last election (true for many folks just entering elected public service), but I see great potential in you for effective city leadership.

    While I admire and support efforts to improve the lives of Veterans, I am curious what role we expect the city to take to achieve those ends? What types of programs might we pursue? I will certainly be supportive, but I am fairly ignorant of the needs of veterans (though I know more about diabled veterans from the nature of my job).

    I love your emphasis on town-gown relations and green infrastructure. We’ve been getting a lot of lip-service on those two issues over the last several years, with little action. I’d suggest you emphasize attracting “green sector” jobs to San Marcos and working with Texas State and/or ACC to develop technical training programs to help us get there. Another thing bound to gain support is attracting businesses that compliment strong programs at Texas State, giving students that have fallen in love with San Marcos the opportunity to stay here.

  5. You’re right on quiet guy. The quicker we get working on attracting the companies working on efficient energy ideas and conservation the better. “Hey, come here now while you still have stimulus money to spend and we’ll make sure it goes the furthest.”

  6. Jude, I agree with Quiet Guy! Poterfield barely beat out Robertson and I truly believe her success was due to her past reputation as a straight shooter that made the difference in the election. But, Kim is obviously not immune to the allure of absolute autocratic power. We will back you for Kim’s seat then when Susan steps down in two years we will support you for Mayor. I read your mission statement and it reads like Ms. Coppoletta’s platform, you two appear to be on the same page!

  7. Jude, according to Mr. Fogarty at Texas State, the university has the right to pump water out of the San Marcos river even when endangered species are dying from lack of flow. Jude, how would you deal with this problem?

  8. I read in San Marcos Mercury News that Jude Prather unequivocally stated that he is definitely running for Place 5! Newstreamz spoke with Jude and Jude unequivocally stated he definitely would make up his mind as to what place when he returns from his tour of duty. So, which is Mr. Prather? Is this political double speak and or is this a side effect of attempting to become a career politician? Please clarify this for your potential supporters, we await your response.

  9. I spoke with Jude Prather personally and he confirmed that he has not made up his mind on what seat he would seek. While I can’t speak to what other publications say, I can report we are confident in our information.

  10. It was a great time being home in San Marcos with my wife Kathy and all my family and friends. My RR is over now and I am back in the “land of sand.” I look forward to coming home again and serving the citizens and veterans of our wonderful town in any capacity. Thank you everyone I miss all of yawl and I will see you in the fall. If you want to reach me with concerns, issues or ideas please do so by email you can reach me at God Bless.

    PS I am eyeing City Council Seat 5

  11. Mr, Prather, two stories appeared about your candidacy on the same day, and less than one hour apart. Newstreamz quoted you as not having made up your mind for which place to run for, then San Marcos Mercury News quotes you as stating that you plan to run for place 5. And now in this response you say that you are “EYEING” place 5. Mr. Prather, you appear a tad confused! You do know? That a lot of spent nuclear fuel was placed in the missiles used to destroy Iraq and the place is still radioactive and poisoning all who come in contact with it.

  12. David, I think Jude has alot of things on his mind right now. There’s no rush to decide just yet; filing isn’t for another 6 months.

    P.S. I think the guys at the Mercury jumped the gun because they wanted to be first to call what race he was in.

  13. What is your problem “David” or whatever your real name is! Why are you SO obsessed over what Jude is going to do SIX MONTHS FROM NOW??? Geez, did the rain freak out your brainwaves?? WHO CARES about “exactly” which race he files for, or that anyone files for this early?? YOU CAN’T EVEN FILE FOR ANY CITY COUNCIL SEAT YET !!!! Take a chill pill and relax dude! Or use your real name and tell us whom you are working for, or perhaps just run for the office yourself!

  14. I am a recalled soldier who is serving with Jude. Trust me, public service is in this guys blood. He helped us write a letter campaign to congress and registered our fellow soldiers to vote. The guy really cares about people around him and is a born leader! SPC Troy Yocum 100/442 INFANTRY, Camp Virginia, Kuwait

  15. Thanks for the idea! I think John T.s place would suit me just fine.
    And Mr. Prather I applogize, “getalife” is right you have more pressing issues in the land of sand than what’s happening state side.

    P.S. GetaLife have you ever serviced in the military?

  16. My Son grew up born to serve, be it in his school, community or country. He’ll be one of the best point and get it done men you can get for your comunity.

    His Dad

  17. You’re looking very sharp over there Jude!

    It was good to see you when you were home. Take care over there in the sandbox, and come back safe and sound.

    Congrats on your decision to run again.


  18. Jude, you would make a fine councilman if elected. It would be just like the Clintons; former pot-smoker in the seat and intelligent wife running the show from the background.

    I’m sure that someone as bright as Mrs. Martinez-Prather could keep even you afloat.

    Question: Are you a college graduate?
    Question: Do any of your voters really know you?

  19. Here’s some questions for you randomwit. Have you ever had the guts to serve in the military? Are you, or are you not, a rather sorry and cowardly individual for bringing Jude’s wife into this? Really, what kind of a limp little wuss does that?

    You’re pathetic.

  20. Oooh how the fleas jump when you pour a little soap on the dirty politics? I think the questions raised are legit? Is Prather a college grad? Do people who would vote for him, really know him? I disagree in bring his wife into the mix, but but when running for office, the family sometimes is brought into the game as well. Casual Observer, no need to attack, that only makes you a “limp little wuss” and a “pathetic” supporter of Prather. People in politics always are scrutinized and subject themselves to whatever is thrown at them.

  21. What the heck does it matter if he is a college graduate? Did that somehow become a requirement for being a council member? College graduates are no smarter than non-college graduates and yes, I am a college graduate.

  22. Exactly right COS! We have now, and have had in the past, great leaders locally who did not have a college degree–including our current Mayor! {And, yes, I too have a college degree–three in fact!}. While a college degree is great, it does not make one qualified. Afterall, Bush had two degrees from supposedly “great academic institutions” {Ivy League schools} and look what a disaster he was!!! One reason our country is so messed up {with lack of leadership} is because too many people focus on the stupid things when deciding whom to vote for rather than issues and facts that actually impact people.
    Political parties are tools only, vote straight party and you are stupid ’cause you aren’t looking at the individual candidate; vote only based on dump facts like whether they have a college degree, or how they stand on some “hot button” issue and you have wasted a vote {example, look at how many so-called “family value’ candidates turn out to be the exact opposite when they get caught doing “non-family value” acts}.
    Time to ask all candidates tough questions about what they will do {and get specific action plans} on real issues that matter and impact people’s daily lives. Or we can just keep going down the same road and destroy America internally {which means we wouldn’t have to worry about terrorists doing if from the outside}.

  23. Am I a college graduate? Legitimate question. When I return this fall I will be enrolled in 3 classes at Texas State and plan to take 4 classes in the spring semester, thus completing the course requirements for a Bachelors Degree in Public Administration with a minor in History. However, I plan to follow my heart and extend my education, using the New GI Bill, and get a Teaching Certificate so hopefully I can teach in San Marcos Schools. Do the voters know me? Hopefully so. The last thing I would want is a citizen to waste their most prized possession in a democracy, their vote, on someone they do not know. It is why I got out there and knocked on so many doors so I could hear the people’s concerns and let them eye me up in person. Finally my wife, you most obviously know how our relationship works because I will not lie she is the brains in our marriage. She has to be the smartest and most beautiful woman I know….it is why I married her. If anyone has any concerns or ideas for our fair city please email me at

  24. I didn’t mean to offend. I will admit when I am wrong; it was inappropriate for me to bring your wife up at all. However, nothing I said was meant as an insult to her, more as a compliment. My comments were presented in a hostile manner and for that I apologize.

    I’m glad to hear that you are going on to graduate, though as it has been stated, a college degree is not required to be a good leader. I was just curious about your level of commitment to your own education.

    As far as your voters knowing you, maybe you could link some information on how you plan to directly effect policies in order to assist veterans and other members of the community.

    Thank you for your cordiality in responding to my somewhat-abrasive post.

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