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February 26th, 2009
Newstreamz Video Extra – American Widow Project launches nationwide tour


The American Widow Project (AWP), an organization aimed towards supporting young widows, unveiled the RV that it will take on a nationwide tour during a ceremony Thursday morning at the Hays County Veterans Memorial.

AWP Founder Taryn Davis, a 2003 graduate of San Marcos High School, founded the non-profit after her husband Michael was killed in Iraq.

Davis and four other members of the American Widow Project were given keys to the city at the ceremony.

After viewing the video, read the Newstreamz account of the AWP tour launch.

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0 thoughts on “Newstreamz Video Extra – American Widow Project launches nationwide tour

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  2. Hello, I don’t know who will get these comments.

    I am Michael’s mother, obviously divorced from Michael’s father and I think the world of Taryn and the project she puts her energy into and I KNOW how much she is helping other young widows who are not as savvy as Taryn. She and her whole family are great.

    I, now, have no sons, but have 3 daughters, Jessica, Natalie, and Taryn.


  3. I couldn’t be prouder of the work Taryn and the AWP are doing.
    As a widow of war from a different generation I know first hand how very important the AWP is to the new generation of widows of war.
    I do more than hope, I pray that people across america will give them support and encouragement as they share their stories.
    It is a hard road to heal and redefine a life after having your soul mate taken.
    Thank you Taryn for being the voice and face of the american widow of war and for sharing your journey with us.
    Gods Speed!

    Glenda M. Carter
    Sacred Shadow, Sacred Ground: A Vietnam War Widow’s Journey Through Unresolved Grief.

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