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February 25th, 2009
Pepper spray punctuates Fat Tuesday

Right before closing time, a pepper spray attack forced a more urgent than usual evacuation of Nephews Tuesday night. Police and paramedics arrived on the scene shortly after midnight. Photo by Andy Sevilla.

Associate Editor

As the Fat Tuesday festivities came to an close in San Marcos Tuesday night, a local bar came under attack.

Patrons at Nephews on the courthouse square were faced with pepper spray as closing time approached.

“Everybody exit the bar for your own safety,” said Nephews DJ David Cook from the microphone on the DJ stand. “If you’re finishing up your drink, chug it and head to the door.”

An unidentified person inside the bar released pepper spray into the air, sending several customers into coughing breakdowns and asthma attacks, even causing many to vomit.

“Everyone started coughing and freaking out,” Kelsey Hanson said, who was finishing up her drink as the commotion unfolded.

San Marcos police showed up to assess the situation and render aid to those in need. Emergency Medical Services made it to the bar moments later and examined several people complaining of difficulty breathing.

“I was working, making the last announcements to close the bar down, and I started coughing real bad,” Cook said. “Moments later, I noticed everyone was coughing harshly as well. But we were able to get everybody out.”

A few people were taken away by ambulance, including a Nephew’s waitress who was allergic to the toxin. At last report, a culprit had not been identified.

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