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Televisory: Dachubloggers?

Scene Editor

Cars have been racing since Henry Ford first made them economically accessible  for everyone. Horses have raced for the last 4,000 years, started by nomadic tribes in Central Asia. The Belgians invented pigeon racing.

All these contests have their charms. But none of them can compete with the Buda Wiener dog races for sheer whimsy and spirit.

On Thursday at 7:30 p.m., KLRU-TV’s show about Central Texas, Docubloggers, will be run  a “best of” show including their coverage of the Buda event.  If you’ve never seen the races, it’s a concise look at the competition. If you’ve never seen Docubloggers it’s a good way to get a feel for what this program is all about.  (And no, they didn’t change their name to “Dachubloggers” for this episode. Or did they?)

Of course, there is always the “Dachumentary” Lord of the Wiens, the award-winning film directed by Elise Ballard, available on DVD for your perusal. It’s an even closer look at the contest, featuring a killer soundtrack by local luminary and sometime Asleep At the Wheel band member, Danny Levin. It’s available at Amazon and other online stores.

Part of the proceeds go to fund the sponsors of the show, the Buda Lions Club, and their charitable endeavors.

Later on Thursday, at 9 p.m., why not check out METV’s Tex-Mix, their show dedicated to Texas music and musicians? You’re sure to see local musicians as well as bands touring the area.