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February 21st, 2009
Letter: Patrick Rose fiddles while Hays County burns


Hays County is suffering the worst drought in the last 100 years according NOAA, and thousands of residential water wells are increasing at risk.

Our local Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District (HTGCD) can’t stop the drought, but it could be doing more to protect our wells if it had full Chapter 36 (Texas Water Code) authority.

With full authority and responsible funding the District could reduce water waste, mitigate irresponsible over pumping by some well owners, and protect existing wells from depletion by developers as occurred in the Northridge subdivision.

The bill creating HTGCD was concocted in 2001 by a small group of Good Ole Boys. Their legislation ensured the new District had only BB guns to protect existing well owners from the wolves.

Representative Patrick Rose has steadfastly refused to work for full Chapter 36 authority. Many citizens ask why he denies them the protection of Chapter 36.

Rose argues that he won’t sponsor taxation legislation. This is just another Rose smoke screen. Chapter 36 only authorizes HTGCD to “ask local voters” to approve a small property tax – a couple cents per $100 valuation. Why does Rose deny citizens the right to decide?

Consider the HTGCD a cheap insurance policy to protect our wells from being sucked dry. These unpaid elected officials have earned our trust by their tireless efforts on our behalf despite not having essential tools the legislature provided.

Contact Rep. Rose and let him know that you want our GCD to have full Chapter 36 authority, and you expect him to get it done in this legislative session. If Rose can’t serve the public good then we need a representative who can.

phone (512) 463-0647
fax (512) 473-9946

P.O. Box 2910
Austin, TX 78701

Dripping Springs area

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8 thoughts on “Letter: Patrick Rose fiddles while Hays County burns

  1. sounds like some people need to move out of the area or where they came from, one water hole and to many straws, we did not force people to come here and drink up all the water. O’dell always is into things he has no control over, maybe he should worry about things he can control such his own life

  2. Sorry rh806, you can’t ask folks to leave but you can require adequate and sustainable water be available for any new residents without injury to existing well owners. That makes good sense for the folks already here and depending on their wells, and for those who are considering moving to Hays County.

    Most of these moving in purchase houses built by developers so it makes good sense to require the developers to demonstrate a sustainable water supply exists for any new homes. That’s where the HTGCD comes in.

    The HTGCD has conducted extensive research in mapping the Trinity Aquifer. This research gives the District a handle on the Aquifer capacity and how much water is being pumped out in different areas.

    So when a developer wants to plat a new subdivision that involves a well permit the District looks at its data to determine if new wells will endanger exiting wells. No? Then you get a well permit. Yes? Sorry, new wells in that area would interfere with existing wells so no permit.

    That’s what government can do for citizens: conduct research to understand the Aquifer; review and analyze new well permit applications to protect existing wells, and ensure new wells are properly dug to avoid contaminating the Aquifer.

    It’s a lot like taking out insurance on your home, but a whole lot cheaper.

    That’s why our Groundwater Conservation District need full Chapter 36 authority…to protect existing wells and property values in general…and local voters get the last word if Rose gives the voters that opportunity by enacting full Chapter 36 for the District.

  3. Lila sure is obsessed with Charles’ swimming pool.

    You looking for a invitation to the next Government WatchDog Pool Party?

    I dunno, I don’t think you would be much fun.

    Just say “no” to inviting Lila.

    She would surely bring Jeff’s Daddy with her, he would invite Jeff, he would bring the little woman and the kiddos, they might tell Grandma and her sisters and all their clans, then they would surely invite the rest of the family and with all them local pols in the pool, we wouldn’t have any room for anyone else.

    Just the way they would prefer it.

  4. Thank you Representative Rose for stopping these buffoons.

    It is obvious they are not to be trusted.

  5. Charels O’dell talks as if he has the authority to speak for multitudes. Charles O’dell is a shameless liar, a misenthrope that tempts anyone who will listen to his outrageous false claims that only he has the corner on some truth that no one else can see. Our county will be better off when he moves to Travis county and he moves into a condiminium where his huge house and huge pool on well land and giant gas guzzling SUV won’t speak louder than his false conservation proclimations. He proves time and again we need protection from him and not his false actions againt innocent people.

  6. Co can’s seem to see the difference between a local developer and say KB Homes. The huge drain is not placed by a 4 or 40 lots subdivision; but rather by the 400 t0 1400 lot ones.

  7. What a nice Christmas present for all of Hays County that would be Mr. Marion. Although I realize the prospect is highly unlikely, thanks for giving me something to dream about.

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