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February 21st, 2009
KPD still investigating mysterious cab death

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Kyle police continue to investigate the death of a “talented” 19-year-old University of Texas student that occurred on Interstate-35 running through town one week ago.

The only witness to the sequence of events has yet to be found. Police are looking for an unidentified Hispanic male who was riding in the back seat of the cab with Jeffrey Weng before he was either pushed out or jumped out of the vehicle.

“We are trying to develop a description of the other passenger that we can release to the public,” City of Kyle spokesman Jerry Hendrix said.  “We are also trying to determine where he was dropped off.”

At approximately 3 a.m. last Saturday, Weng fell out of a taxi traveling south on I-35 from Austin to San Marcos. The taxi driver was able to flag down a Hays County Sheriff’s Deputy, who was located on the Lowe’s parking lot near mile marker 215. Hendrix said the officer asked the cabbie to wait, while he investigated the situation.

When the deputy left to check on Weng, the cab driver ignored the officer’s request and continued on his way south to San Marcos to drop off the other passenger.

The cabbie returned to the scene of the accident, but was unable to provide a full description of the passenger or pinpoint an exact location where he dropped the man off.

Hendrix said the Sheriff’s Deputy found Weng alive lying on the pavement. He died the next day at Brackenridge Hospital due to the injuries sustained.

Officers have not ruled out criminal action.

“As of now there is no evidence of whether foul play did exist or did not exist,” said Kyle Police Chief Michael Blake.

Officials have interviewed the cab driver, but are not releasing his name due to the ongoing investigation, only adding to the mounting unanswered questions that remain.

“At this point we really don’t have any new information,” Blake said. “But the (taxi) driver is cooperating with our investigation.”

Hendrix said that when the cab driver and his passenger arrived in San Marcos, the passenger paid the taxi driver what was owed and walked away. The Kyle Police Department (KPD) is working with the Austin Police Department (APD) to solve this case, according to Blake.

Blake said officers will be interviewing friends and checking surveillance cameras of downtown business establishments that Weng might have stepped into moments before he died. Blake said all efforts are being put forth to try and identify the only man who knows what happened on that early morning.

The driver of the taxi is unaware of what exactly occurred, according to Hendrix. He said the cabbie turned his head around to see why the back door was opened, but found only one man sitting there.

Friends have set up pages on the social networking site, Facebook, to remember and celebrate Weng’s life.  On them, they call Weng talented, vibrant, and described him as always smiling.

“Hey. Jeffrey. You were my best friend’s brother. I treated u like my brother. U were a really great guy. God in the heaven above will treat u fairly,” Shih-chun Lee wrote on Facebook.

A memorial at the UT campus will be held in Weng’s honor on Feb. 28.

Weng’s family moved to Plano from Taiwan in 2003. He was a junior at the UT school of Music.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Kyle Police Department at (512) 268-3232.

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  1. Interesting the cab driver didnt adhere to what the deputy asked, and now the other passenger got away. Hmm… I smell a rat.

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