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February 16th, 2009
Water main breaks on Hopkins Street – again

Crews work on the westbound lane of Hopkins Street between Scott and Blanco Streets, where a water main broke Monday afternoon. Photos by Ryan Perkins.


If it’s a Monday holiday in San Marcos, it must be time for a water main break on Hopkins Street.

A water main on West Hopkins Street near between Blanco Street and Scott Street broke Monday afternoon, putting crews to work well into the evening and forcing traffic detours in both directions.

By 6 p.m., San Antonio Street and West Hopkins Streets were “flowing like a small creek with water,” according to Ryan Perkins, who lives in that area.

Traffic was blocked off both lanes on Hopkins between Scott and Blanco, with drivers detoured south to San Antonio Street or north to Hutchinson Street.

The break occured on President’s Day, a Monday holiday. On Jan. 19, which was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, another Monday holiday, a water main broke on the other side of Hopkins Street. That break occured at the intersection of Hopkins and C.M. Allen Parkway, sending a geyser of water and debris 50 feet into the air for three hours.

The city later said a contractor hit the main while making a bore under the street.

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0 thoughts on “Water main breaks on Hopkins Street – again

  1. True story: I took a gamble and ate at one of San Marcos’ shadier Mexican food establishments only to come home and find out my water was off. This my toilet was out of order. YOU DO THE MATH

  2. Ummm. Ya so this happened right outside my house and it was pretty creepy to have contractors flashlights coming threw my bedroom window, along with an eerie whooshing sound of water. Believe it or not when the water main breaks it’s not a comforting sound like the waves on a beach. LOL

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