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February 11th, 2009
Walt Wilkins and the Mystiqueros: homemade hippie-tonk

Walt Wilkins and the Mystiqueros Monday night at Cheatham Street Warehouse. Photo by Christina Zambrano.

Scene Reporter

Perhaps the most accurate description of the music that Walt Wilkins and The Mystiqueros create is their own term, Hippie-Tonk.

Walt Wilkins’ vocals sound like a mix between Don Henley and Garth Brooks, bringing a distinct Rock influence to the upbeat Country sound of the band. Aside from Walt Wilkins, the band members are Ray Rodriguez on the drums, Marcus Eldridge on lead guitar, Bill Small on bass, and Johnny Greenberg on vocals. Each member has at least some vocal work harmonizing during one The Mystiqueros’ sets.

As is ever the case with bands, their meeting was unplanned but lasting.

“Walt had a benefit in New Braunfels at Gruene Hall three years ago in March,” said Bill Small, “(It was) the Americana Jam, and he needed a band. We’re the guys that showed up. We all kind of knew each other from other things, we played together and went, ‘Oh, okay we’re a band now.’ Walt came up with The Mystiqueros. He made it up.

“It’s interesting,” Small continued, “all of us are of an age where we’re a little bit older. [We like] a lot of seventies music, things like Little Feet. The great songwriters from the seventies really influence us; Waylon, Willie, the whole cosmic cowboy thing plus all the rock and roll bands we like.”

The Mystiqueros play mostly original songs, penned by Walt Wilkins.

“It is 90 percent Walt and 10 percent the rest of us,” Small said. “We all write and sing, and make our own records and do our own stuff. I have a song on our record, and John has a song on our record. We’re a bunch of singer songwriters who all came together to make a band.”

Most recently, The Mystiqueros appeared for Kent Finlay‘s Birthday Monday night at the Cheatham Street Warehouse.

“We love being here at Cheatham Street, but anyplace in the hill country we’re okay with,” Small said.

Monday night is not, traditionally, a time when one would expect to find a crowd in a bar. But Wilkins and The Mystiqueros took the stage in front of what appeared to be more than fifty people.

“We opened with a song called ‘You Can’t Out Drink The Truth,’ and people always love it,” Small said. “We also played a song called ‘Trains I Missed,’ which was the single off of our record. That’s always good. People react wonderfully to that.”

There has only been one album released so far by Walt Wilkins and The Mystiqueros. “Diamonds In The Sun” came out in 2007. The band expects to put out another release this year.

If there were any message that Bill Small would like the fans of the Mystiqueros to leave their show with, it would be simply, “You can’t out drink the truth.”

Walt Wilkins and The Mystiqueros can be found on the web at,, or

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  2. Thank you all for sharing,
    Walt Wilkins ,Johnny,Bill, Ray and Marcus you are the best.
    Your albums are wonderful,i love your songs,
    Are absolutely beautiful
    Walt Wilkins and the Mystiqueros see you all
    Much love from Veronica
    and best regards from HOLLAND

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