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February 9th, 2009
Newstreamz Video Extra – Animal ordinance citizens meeting

Newstreamz had video cameras rolling at the public meeting on Feb. 7 regarding a new animal control ordinance in San Marcos. At issue is mandatory microchip registration for dogs and cats four months and older. Members of the public came to the meeting to have their voices heard. This is nearly 20 minutes of un-edited raw video from the public meeting.

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0 thoughts on “Newstreamz Video Extra – Animal ordinance citizens meeting

  1. This should be an issue of choice. Making it mandatory is a totalitarian mentality. If this mentality is accepted, what does that mean for the future? What’s next for the RFID chip…us? Our children? We think of our pets as family, and it should be an inalienable right to protect them from possible harm that the chip can cause.

  2. This guy is not telling the truth.
    when i was 12 i was in 4-h,we raised many animals
    and all of them had tattoos.i gave the tattoos to my animals myself.its fast not any more evasive than micro chips and they never faded.This is propaganda they dont care about the animal its the info about you they really want,140 million pet its like they are marking 140,000,000 people.

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