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February 6th, 2009
Last animal law session set for Saturday


Animal control officials in San Marcos will take one more crack at educating the public about a new ordinance that has stirred controversy for requiring microchip registration of dogs and cats four months or age or older.

The last of three such sessions will take place Saturday, 1 p.m., at City Hall.

The session also will be televised live on Time-Warner Channel 10, Grande Channel 16 and the city’s website (

After all that, the city’s animal services advisory board will hold a public heating at its meeting set for noon on Feb. 11 to take public comment on provisions in the new ordinance, which goes into effect on April 1. That meeting is scheduled for the Grant Harris Building, 401 E. Hopkins Street.

“We encourage people with questions about the ordinance to attend the public education session or the public hearing,” said Rodney Cobb, the city’s director of community services.

The city council adopted the ordinance in December.  The city’s animal services staff has held public meetings in January and February before the new ordinance takes effect to help residents understand the new rules.

The animal services advisory board recommended the ordinance after several months of review. San Marcos contracts with Hays County and Kyle to support the San Marcos Animal Shelter, which was expanded last year to take in animals from across Hays County.

The ordinance changes a variety of local rules requires rabies vaccinations once every three years instead of annually in most cases; sets up a microchip program to provide one-time registration of pets; bans selling or giving away animals on public property; private parking lots and flea markets, restricts but does not outlaw tethering of animals, sets up rules for managed feral cat colonies based on a trap, vaccinate, alter, return and manage; and changes dangerous dog regulations to conform with state law, including increasing penalties for dog attacks.

For more information about the new rules, call the animal shelter at (512) 805-2650 or visit the animal services page on the web at

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0 thoughts on “Last animal law session set for Saturday

  1. What does microchipped actually do for your pet? It helps you find them if lost is all I understand about it. Also there should be a discussion about people leaving their pets out in the cold and someone should step up and not be scared to confront the dog fights that occur. This to me is more serious. As a post on craigslist San Marcos suggested that it is posssible peopel may be stealing your smaller pets to train bigger dogs to fight. That being brought up I dare anyoen who knows any information about these dog fights to speak up and believe the city should offer a substantial reward for any info leading to dog theft with protection of the identity of the person who identified the criminals.

  2. Just to ass to the previous post, I meant to focus primarily on the dog fights that occur in Hays county, off Staples road etc… There are peopel so serious about fighting their dogs they are protected with guns and guard dogs and cameras. Again I strongly urge anyoen with information about any of theses issues to contact local law officials or a city council member or Pals. Also anyone of peopel purposely leaving an animal out of very cold evenings on purose to raise that as an issue as well.

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