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January 28th, 2009
Kyle Council gives chamber $130K to promote tourism

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KYLE – The Kyle Area Chamber of Commerce (KACC) successfully lobbied the Kyle City Council for money to promote tourism last week, carting off $130,525 for the effort.

KACC Executive Director Ray Hernandez likened Kyle’s potential tourist appeal to that of Fredericksburg or Kerrville, “a new old place to go to,” as he put it.

Hernandez illustrated the recently opened La Quinta Inn’s success as a mark of the chamber’s advertising strategies and other services. Hernandez said Kyle would benefit economically with the addition of more hotels.

Kyle Mayor Miguel Gonzalez wondered aloud how the tourism strategy in play could attract hotels to Kyle, considering that the kind of tourist going to Fredericksburg or Kerrville is a day tripper getting away for part of a weekend.

“The idea of a hotel is to bring people in and the goal is overnight stay,” Gonzalez said. “If they come in town for a few hours, it isn’t necessary for them to stay in a hotel.”

Hernandez maintained, though, that Kyle is quite well situated for hotel business. He said those traveling to San Antonio or other places might prefer to stay in a safer environment, thus providing the city an opportunity to showcase its historical treasures and unique businesses. Hernandez added that Kyle would serve as a safe and entertaining middle ground for those interested in visiting Austin and San Antonio area.

Hernandez said the chamber would use the appropriated funds to promote hotels, diners and other venues in order to increase traffic flow. He said tourism will attract consumers through direct and indirect advertising via media outlets and roadside billboards.

The chamber enumerated a number of other goals for the coming year, including:

* Creating a Kyle Walking Historic Trail ad-hoc committee to provide exposure to the reported 15 historical sites in Kyle, focusing on the historical sites and businesses near Old Town

* Continuing the growth of Kyle Market Days,

* Producing more publications to meet demands of information on city tourism,

* Fostering tourism relationships with the creations of the Tourism Partners Committee,

* Highlighting Kyle at tourism conferences,

*Attaining higher profile entertainment for the Kyle Fair and Music Festival, and

* Providing increased training for staff and volunteers on trends in the tourism industry.

Thoroughly questioned by the council about the chamber’s potential spending habits if awarded the funds, illustrated the chamber’s significance for Kyle’s recent growth.

“Don’t take our questions as a lack of support,” Gonzalez said. “We just want to do what is best for Kyle.”

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0 thoughts on “Kyle Council gives chamber $130K to promote tourism

  1. I hope it works out for Kyle. They’ve grown too much too quickly. But any efforts to bring in more business to our growing cities should be applauded. Now we’ll see the results of the KACC, hopefully they can deliver on their promise.

  2. It’s kind of odd. The City of Kyle has a historic preservation ordinance on the books. But has never implemented it. Yet, when it is advantageous to promote “historic tourism,” everyone is willing to tout it. But seriously, Kyle has never really gotten serious about historic preservation the way San Marcos has – or even Buda – or even Dripping Springs or Wimberley. We can only hope that in the future they will give it something other than lip-service.

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