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January 21st, 2009
How Do We Measure Quality of Life?

PowerHouse Christian Center

San Marcos, and indeed, every community, has a variety of churches which represent several denominations. Of the Christian churches, we all have similar basic beliefs in God, redemption, repentance, etc. We also, believe life should have a certain quality. How do we test or measure that quality?

As I drive around San Marcos and interact with others, I am noticing a decline in quality of life. I believe churches and their members could do more to improve the results of applying God’s standards.

I can’t think of a scripture in the Torah, the Old Testament, New Testament, Koran or Book or Mormons telling us to be rude, compromising, to not take care of the possessions with which we have been blessed. I don’t think God meant for men to cease showing good manners to women or women to cease being kindhearted.

I’m pretty sure none of these books tell us to destroy our homes, our cars, our possessions, place our garbage in our front yards or throw it out our car windows. None tell us to live in debt. I wonder if any tell us to be unfaithful to our spouses, to curse at our children (as I heard done in a store recently). None tell us it’s alright to tell a lie. You get the idea. . . don’t you?

Many of the folks that do act in this manner as described are people who would say they are ‘religious’ people if the latest polls are any indication.

It is very important that churches teach integrity and teach it in a way that makes it applicable to everyday living. Many churches are beginning to have classes on living debt free, parenting, and marriage. We also need to teach stewardship concerning our homes, and possessions. And. . . by the looks of things, we need to teach integrity more often, with more strength.

If you consider yourself to be religious, please take an honest look at your life and measure the value by God’s standards. I think you’ll see areas that can use some improvement. Then the challenge is to be consistent with your integrity. Inconsistent integrity is really not integrity.

You deserve a life of value and you can have it!

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