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January 19th, 2009
Letter to the editor: Commissioners, return your raises

*I hope readers will consider using the following letter or writing their own to notify commissioners to do the right thing:

Dear Hays County Commissioners:

(Judge Liz Sumter, Commissioners Karen Ford, Will Conley, Jeff Barton and Debbie Ingalsbe)

As an 11-year resident of Hays County I want to go on public record that I am requesting the return the raises you all voted for and provided yourselves.  Now is NOT the time to take a pay raise, especially one that is a 14-percent pay increase.

In this economy people are not getting such raises. Heck, a lot of folks [7.2 percent] currently are unemployed and soon many more will lose their jobs.  Our taxes are escalating and so are cost-of-living expenses.

It’s just not the right thing to do and [all] our commissioners seem to have their own interests at heart, and not just with this salary issue — with quite a few other issues.

Another problem I have with this salary issue is the $10,000 commissioners determined to spend on the salary “study”.

Do we have so much money that we can throw it away?  If so, I’ll gladly take a few thousand dollars if commissioners want to toss more away, as I’m certain most county residents would as well.  And why do the study if you already made up your mind to give yourselves the raise?

Giving yourselves a big raise in these hard economic times is NOT right and commissioners should realize this and return their raise increases and wait for better economic times, like the rest of us have to.

Respectfully yours,

Peter Stern, Driftwood

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0 thoughts on “Letter to the editor: Commissioners, return your raises

  1. My wife’s company just told them they are not getting raises this year. Why should our County Commissioners not only get a raise, but one that will be almost 15% more than they are making now?

    That’s unconscionable!

  2. I cant help but agree with both, Peter Stern and JB, however on the flip side, our Commissioners have been doing there job under market value. Perhaps now is not the time for the county to spend a lot of money in raises because of the harsh economic times, but perhaps our elected official too are suffering and should not finally be compensated adequately for the work they do. Im not for one side or the other, I agree with both and see all viable option attractive – returning the raise, or keeping it – it just depends on what side of principle and moral standing you look at it… should we spend more in times of economic uncertainty, or shoudl we finally compensate our officials fairly and adequately? The debate continues, but the deal is done. The commissioners did take the raise and honestly there isnt much we can do now. Next go around, elect those that dont mind getting paid less than they deserve, maybe? or elect those that will sacrifice their paycheck for the greater good of the community ((Im sure all of us that are complaining would certainly do that))

  3. Perhaps the ‘market value’ for county commissioners needs to be lowered during this time of economic stress? Maybe other counties would follow suit?

    What commissioners are earning as a salary is fine.

    Most of them have other revenue from other jobs as well. They are not hurting economically as much as county residents are.

    Every month we have 80 to 100 home foreclosures.

    Every month people lose their jobs. There is almost an 8 percent unemployment rate, and as I already stated, many employers are cutting their plans for salary increases and/or bonuses for their employees.

    Hays County Commissioners should forget about their raises for a while and so should other county employees.

  4. Yet, another example of an out of control government and the lack of checks and balances. With a newly elected President that for the first time in decades has inspired the common folk of this country, and is attempting to change the old unethical ways that govern us, it’s obvious that there’s a long way to go…..or maybe they were trying to get their raise in before things started changing….?

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