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January 9th, 2009
How to end the first week of 2009

Scene Editor

It’s the end of the first full week of the new year, and already our New Year’s resolutions are crumbling faster than the last of the Christmas cookies. Oh come on, you don’t need to lose that ten pounds. You look fine.

So, take heart. The full moon is shining, the football will be riveting this weekend and there’s a plethora of local music and activities to enjoy.

Friday, January 9

At 6 p.m. the Thrillbillies, those purveyors of acid rockabilly, will be at the Triple Crown (206 N. Edward Gary). Stay a little longer and see the Belgraves, who aptly describe themselves as punk goth rock. Bring your Bic and request “Patsy Cline.” It’s a showstopper.

The under-rated, under-appreciated, slightly under-the-radar Dr. G and the Mudcats are at the Cheatham Street Warehouse (119 Cheatham Street) tonight. They can really cook.

Jeremy Steding has an inordinately large collection of songs about whiskey, and that ain’t bad. The band will be at Riley’s (8894 FM 1102, Hunter TX) at 9 p.m. and it’s always a “damn good ride.”

Saturday, January 10

Get up early, put on your hiking boots and head out to blaze a trail or, at least, help to make one with the San Marcos Greenbelt Alliance. First-timers should report for duty at 8 a.m. Old hands will show up at 8:30 a.m. Gloves, hard shoes and eyewear are required. A water bottle, a hat and log pants are suggested for the job. Tools and bug spray will be supplied. Call the alliance at (512) 754-9321 for further info.

The San Marcos Public Library (625 E. Hopkins St.) will have a workshop today at 10 a.m. on “The Art of Cooking Up a Great Resume…A Recipe for Success.’ ” Think of it as a trainer to improve the fitness of your career. Resume’ coach Sharon Spector will lead registrants through the various steps in creating a winning resume’ to snag a job commensurate with applicant abilities. Call 393-8200 to register.

The Cheatham Street Warehouse will the funky original folk of Foscoe Jones, Riley’s has the rockin’ red-hot honky-tonk of Chadd Thomas and the Crazy Kings, and, at the Triple Crown, Funkotron will be serving up hot funk with a side of …uh… tron.

Sunday, January 11

This might be the perfect day to take a gander at the Lyndon Baines Johnson Museum (131 N. Guadalupe St.) of San Marcos, if you haven’t been there. The museum includes an inventory of LBJ items. Who knew he wore such a small hat? The museum is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sundays.

Cheatham Street plays host to the always-soothing Ash Family, which will sing and syncopate from 4-8 p.m.

Monday is National Clean Off Your Desk Day, and if this just makes you feel like a desk job is not exactly all you wanted from life, then maybe you should start that singing career at an open mic night. Both Riley’s and the Triple Crown have weekly open mics on Sunday. At Riley’s, your host is Glenn Allan. At the Triple Crown, Pat Pankranzt, Holly Aiken and Nate Hinds will be your guides. Just remember, nobody ever got anywhere in show business without trying. Or, you could just clean off your desk.

Chadd Thomas and the Crazy Kings are playing Saturday night at

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