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January 9th, 2009
CTMC announces medical staff leadership


Central Texas Medical Center (CTMC) and the CTMC medical staff announced their 2009 appointments for their medical staff leadership Friday.

The medical staff elected the appointees its annual meeting in November at the Embassy Suites and City of San Marcos Conference Center.

“We are grateful to each of these physicians for their willingness to take on these responsibilities and invest their own personal time to ensure that high quality and safe care are provided in the hospital,” CTMC President & CEO Gary Jepson said.

Said Dr. C. Thomas Porter, Jr., who has served for three years on CTMC’s medical executive committee, “Serving in a leadership capacity is a challenge and a reward. The time investment is significant. However, in order to achieve the outcomes both the hospital and our medical staff desire, physicians have to be directly and intentionally involved in the process. It’s an honor to represent my peers in this manner.”

The medical staff officers are Alberto Santos, III, D.O. (President Medical Staff), John LeeSang, M.D. (Immediate Past President Medical Staff and Credentials Chairperson), and Patrick Williams, M.D. (President Elect Medical Staff)

The department chairpersons are Kody Kunda, M.D. (OB/ Gyn), Grant Williams, M.D. (Emergency Medicine), Cody Nichols, M.D. (Internal Medicine), C. Thomas Porter, Jr., M.D. (Anesthesia), Sue Ann Harrison, M.D. (Pediatrics), Fransisco Hernandez, M.D. (Family Practice), Patrick Williams, M.D., and Stuart Shapiro, D.O. (Surgery)

The committee chairpersons are John LeeSang, M.D. (Infection Control), Ellen Grimm, M.D. (Pharmacy & Therapeutics) and Ken Long, M.D. (Physician Health & Well Being)

The medical directors are Homar J. Bartra, M.D. (Cardiopulmonary/ Case Management), Alberto Santos, D.O. (Home Health), Greg Moore, M.D. (Hospice), Steve Minor, M.D. (Intensive Care Unit/Cath Lab), Doug Smith, M.D. (Medical Imaging), Gladys Weng, D.O. (Nutrition Services), Terry Allen, M.D. (Laboratory).

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