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January 6th, 2009
Concentration camp survivor visits junior high class


Holocaust concentration camp survivor Rose Williams poses for a photograph with eighth grade language arts teachers at Miller Junior High School.

From the San Marcos school district

Eighth grade students of Miller Junior High School were honored last month by a visit form World War II concentration camp survivor, Rose Williams.

According to eighth grade teacher Grace Mueller, the Miller students had spent the past six weeks studying the challenges of the Holocaust, as well as the results of intolerance in today’s world.

Williams spoke for over an hour to an attentive student audience about her experiences in five concentration camps. She rolled up her sleeve and showed them the tatoo on her arm that gave her indentification information.

Williams now resides in San Antonio and says that she considers it important to talk with young people “so that the Holocaust will never happen again.” The speaker said that she holds no grudges or anger from her war experiences because “it will do me no good” and stressed that it is important to move on.

After the lecture, Williams was treated to lunch by the Miller 8th grade language arts teachers.

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3 thoughts on “Concentration camp survivor visits junior high class

  1. that was horrible what hitler done to the Jews i am in 6th grade and i am just now learning about the Holocaust. I would say that you are 1 of the very few that have survived the concentration camps. i have heard about the Holocaust and always wondered what it was but now that i am figuring it out i want to kill Hitler even though he is already dead. he was a horrible human being i never knew that a human being could be so powerful he was very mean.I live in wayne wv it is a very small town and i think he killed jews because his father was a jew and he always beat on his mother and because his mothers doctor was a jew and his mother died of cancer Hitler thought that it was the doctors fault that his mother died because he didnt know that she had cancer but as i said i think you are one of the very lucky ones that you survived the Holocaust. not very many people survived but hitler was a very power ful man and he turned everyone else against the Jews too because he told them that it was the jews fault that they didnt have certain things i feel so sorry for you and the others that went through all of that i even feel sorry for the ones that lost their lives during the Holocaust well i hope you tell people so they can carry on the mamaories and dont ever feel bad about yourself because you are one famous person to me and you will soon be famous to everyone else too because of what you went through.. you are very spacial to me!!!!! 🙂 remember your a survivor!!!!

  2. Today i took a field trip to the holocaust museum with my school (YWLA). We were luck enough to get spoken to by Rose Williams, she told us her story as well. Her story was very moving, and i realize it was an impotant piece of histoy, i and was so glad to hear a true story from the person who actually experienced it. What really got me was her identification number tattoo. she had explained to us that she was not planning to remove it because she was proud of what it meant, being a Jewish person. she was amazing!

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