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January 3rd, 2009
Band of the Week – Jason Bednorz

San Marcos is home to an amazing number of talented musicians, and this week Jason Bednorz took a few minutes to speak to Newstreamz about himself. For the last two years he has been making sporadic appearances at the Cheatham Street Warehouse, with bands like Texas FX and other local favorites.Bednorz grew up in Victoria, Texas, and came to San Marcos for school in 2006. As a student here at Texas State, his areas of study are surprisingly unrelated to the music he crafts so skillfully. “I’m studying Exercise and Sports, and my minor is English, so I can be a coach and a teacher if the music thing doesn’t work out,” said Bednorz.

Influences for Bednorz’s music include Wade Bowen, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Johnny Cash, and Willie Nelson. The country and rock styles can be heard in his guitar work and vocals. His writing is poetic and melodic, with a touch of acoustic country simplicity. “I get my inspiration from real life, pretty much 100% of what I write about is true.”

“I’ve always loved music and I’ve always loved writing. The summer after my senior year I started playing around, and I started playing here at Cheatham Street my freshman year in college. My writing is why [I study] English. I always loved to write. When I started writing I couldn’t play guitar so it was all poetry and stuff.”

“I always try to play a different set every time, I don’t like playing the same stuff over and over. As far as my songs, I try to play most of them, the newer ones; the older ones I’m not so proud of. As far as covers,” said Bednorz, “I like to do covers that are popular enough, but are not the same covers that everyone else is playing. I don’t like playing the same thing.”

On his website Bednorz expressed a goal of being able to support himself solely off of his music. “My first and foremost goal is to write a song that gets recorded by somebody that goes on the radio. Whether it’s me or anybody [else], as long as it gets recorded and played on the radio, that’s my first goal. My writing is first, and performing is second. That’s why I haven’t really worried about starting a band yet.”

Performances by Bednorz are usually at the Cheatham Street Warehouse, his favorite place to play. “I work here for one thing,” said Bednorz, “but I started working here basically because I played here so much. Ken Finley is just an awesome guy. It’s a great place for songwriters. I started playing here on Wednesday nights. I play here whenever I get a chance, whenever I get a chance to open up for somebody or something like that.”

Mixing is currently underway on a CD that Bednorz just finished recording for this week. The release is expected to be sometime in early to mid February, but he hopes to be able to put songs from it up on his website soon.

For more information on Jason Bednorz, to check for upcoming show dates, or just to listen to his music, visit

by Sarah Stevens

Photo by Christina Zambrano

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  1. Jason Bednorz is one of the best, truest voices I’ve heard in this “scene” in ages, and one of the few, young singer/songwriters I can always enjoy listening to. He’s the real deal, and you’ll be seeing/hearing more of him in the not-so-distant future, mark my words.

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