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January 3rd, 2009
A One Way Ticket to Mexico – Part 2

So, now I´m in Mexico and I start noticing some of the differences in this country, and I´m pretty much talking about everyone’s ability to drive. It´s kind of like watching a little kid coloring. You encourage them to stay in the lines but you don´t really expect them too and in fact they don´t stay in the lines very well. This perfectly describes their driving in Mexico.They may have a road 3 lanes wide with dotted lines but I would say it´s a road 3 times the normal width and everyone drives where ever the hell they want to. Your lane is the distance between the car next to you and the edge of the road, however far that is. Then another revelation nearly hit me, and I mean that quite literally.

We are driving down a one way street and I realize across the median all the cars are going the same way we are. This isn´t exactly common but its not the craziest thing I´ve ever seen. Then I look up and see a big light that is coming right toward us. No wait, that´s not just a big light going the wrong way down the middle of a one way street. ITS FREAKING TRAIN! And yes it is coming directly at us down the middle of the street.

Our bus driver changes lanes over and we drive right next to the train that is going the wrong direction. There are no flashing lights and no arms coming down to block your path. Just you and the train. The train that´s going the wrong way. I have decided I would die if I drove in the country.

Now, its the first stop I have a chance to try and track down my bag. To bad I´m in the heart of Mexico and can´t speak a lick of Spanish. So I start walking around trying to find the bus people and the first person I ask “Hablo ingles” laughs at me. I didn´t think it was all that funny until I got the same response from the next 5 people which then leads me to yell out across the bus station ” DOES ANYONE FREAKING SPEAK ENGLISH HERE!” A guy stands up in the back and is like yeah I do. I asked him to help me find the baggage claim and he looks at me and goes “oh well I don´t speak any Spanish.”

Son of a bitch.

So lets just make this 3 hour long story short and get to the good stuff. I end up in a cubical trying to mime out the size shape and color of my luggage in a room labeled “equipaje.” I´ve decided that equipaje means equipment and from there I´m guessing it is either luggage or a maintenance room. So here I am, miming to people who speak a different language and might be a custodian. Trying to say I lost my bag in another country and they didn´t care because they know I will be leaving for another city in like 10 minutes. Needless to say I still have no clothes.

PS You have to pay to get into bathrooms at the bus stops in Mexico. I know its only 30 cents but still.

To be continued…

by Dalton Sweat
International Correspondent

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0 thoughts on “A One Way Ticket to Mexico – Part 2

  1. dude why would you go to a country without knowing the basics or a least a translation dictionary? I have been to Mexico many times, costal, jungle and desert. Mexico is a wonderful and exciting country. Albeit some of the rules are lacking.I have never faced the challenges that you are facing now. Sorry for your loss but it happens everywhere. Hint go to a major bank have mom or whomever cares for you and wire some money, and buy a change of clothes and a plane ticket out. Quit your bitching and cut your losses. The reason there is a charge for the restroom is, keep it semi-clean,and drug use and prostitutes out. We had that in America some time way back. Not sure if that was good or bad. But it seems to me that you will be headstrong and just post all the bad things that are happening to you and the faults that are already known by others. Research research research dude!

  2. Dalton, you are a perfect example of why people in many parts of the world hate US tourists, especially those from Texas. There is a stereotype and you fit it. I understand that it is frustrating that you lost your bags, but you went to Mexico without knowing a lick of Spanish. What would think if someone was in a US bus station insisting yelling about how no-one speaks Spanish, or French, or German. Once you get out of the border region, Mexico is a wonderful country for a respectful traveler. It has rich and vibrant cultural and natural histories. It sounds like your problems are mostly your own fault and could have been avoided with just a modicum of preparation on your part. Please quit being such a bad representative of Texas and grow up. Your whining makes all of us look bad.

  3. Welcome to America… Now speak ENGLISH

    same goes for….

    Welcome to MEXICO…. Now speak Spanish !

    Stop your crying already. Call mommie and heve her send you funds to come home already!

  4. Does Newstreamz really want a guy like this representing you?? How embarrassing! “International Correspondent”??
    The writer has NO clue what such a title means or even how to do it—in English or Spanish!! His attitude is the reason people in other countries tend to dislike Americans {as other’s have already stated quite well in postings here!}. Newstreamz should tell their “international correspondent” to come home now before he causes an international incident that drags this company into it!! This guy is as clueless as the student that ran for mayor!! And doesn’t know the meaning of the words “research” and “preparation” !!
    Unless he thinks “preparation” means Preparation H.

  5. I have to agree with the others who have posted comments here.

    You can’t speak “a lick of Spanish”…..and you’re in Mexico….hmmmm……you don’t know how to write a story either so looks like the struggle continues. Hopefully, this Part 2 is the LAST!

    Too bad I can’t get back the last couple of minutes I obviously wasted to read this….what a waste of my time and your (Newstreamz) space.

  6. I’m definitely finding some humor in this series of events. A prior knowledge of Spanish definitely would have helped. However, the readers should know that is exactly what the writer went down there to learn. Very comical writing, I’d love to see more.

  7. Don’t let these guys get you down, Dalton. Most of them are old farts who are so old that they have no memory of their first venture into adulthood, and most likely have never seen the inside of anyplace but the USA. You are brave for even attempting a trip into the interior of Mexico during these times. You’ll grow up quick and learn a lot real fast…. and your writing will grow also. Life is a learning experience. Please continue to let us know about your adventures and be safe!

  8. So Ed….you seem to like bashing everyone, not just me. Pickin on a 19 year old kid like that? Come on….lighten up…..

  9. Nice try sonya… try again… This is so old its quite funny you going back and trying to find posts to make your points. Its a wonder why this isnt on the front page anymore. Maybe, just maybe cause there were more than one person that agreed that he was telling about his “adventure” in a poor way. And like I said before, I wasnt bashing you, I was just pointing out your ranting and raving (cause thats exactly what it is) without having any facts.

    So for what its worth,,,, keep trying.

  10. Yeah, it’s actually pretty easy to travel in Mexico if you are at all prepared. Contrary to popular belief, it’s a full service country…

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