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January 2nd, 2009
PEC hosting forum to explore board election revisions

From Pedernales Electric Cooperative

Pedernales Electric Cooperative invites its members to participate in a special meeting of the Governance and Oversight Committee on Monday, Jan. 12, 2009 as PEC considers potential changes to the election process for its Board of Directors. The committee members are District 7 Director Dr. Patrick Cox, Advisory Director-at-Large Lamont Ramage and District 2 Advisory Director Rusty Allen. The event will be from 6 to 8 p.m. at PEC’s headquarters, located at 201 South Avenue F in Johnson City.

At the event, there will be a presentation regarding six possible revisions to the PEC Board of Directors election process, and members will have the opportunity to complete a related feedback form. PEC’s Board will take that feedback into account at its Jan. 26 meeting, when it will decide what, if any, changes to implement for its June elections. Any changes must be approved by two-thirds of the Board.

The six issues that will be reviewed include:

• Number of votes per member: Under current PEC bylaws, votes are allocated based on the number of meters in a member’s name. The proposal under review would limit each member to one vote per election regardless of the number of meters.

• Board residency rules: Current qualifications require Directors to receive electric service in the district for which election or appointment is sought, but Directors are not required to live within the district. The proposal under review would mandate that Directors maintain a primary residence in the district they represent.

• Number of signatures required for nomination: As of now, PEC bylaws state that nominations for Directors may be made by written petitions executed by 25 or more members. Last year 58 candidates ran for five open positions. The proposal under review would require potential nominees to gather more signatures.

• Board districts and balancing member voting population: The current PEC Director districts were drawn in 1975, and they range in population from approximately 14,000 members in District 1 to approximately 64,000 members in District 3. The proposal under review would alter the boundaries of the seven districts so the member population is more evenly distributed. PEC hosting forum to explore possible Board election changes

• Single-district representation: The existing bylaws afford every member the right to vote for all Directors, who are required to represent the entire membership on an impartial basis. The proposal under review would allow members to vote only for their own district’s Directors, and it would increase the incentive for Directors to advocate for their respective districts.

• Number and role of Advisory Directors: Currently, bylaws require PEC to have seven Advisory Directors, one from each district. Advisory Directors perform duties as prescribed by the Board of Directors, but Advisory Directors do not have the right to vote. The proposal under review could either increase or decrease the number of Advisory Directors, and it would more clearly define their duties.

In addition to the feedback form that will be distributed at the event, PEC encourages input from members prior to the forum as well. Members may e-mail suggestions before Jan. 12 for improving Board elections to, or mail suggestions before Jan. 12 to Pedernales Electric Cooperative, Inc.; Governance and Oversight Committee; P.O. Box 1; Johnson City, Texas, 78636-0001.

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